They’re Already Here

in conspiracy •  3 months ago

The zombie apocalypse, encounters from different planets and dimensions has and is already happening. Humans are just to damn blind to really see. In 1988 a movie was released called “They Live”. In that movie is showed people being what was called a sleep. Only the elite was awake. As a filmmaker and combat veteran I know personal after good movie is base off the truth. Even the crazy sci-fi movie like GeoStorm. I’ve personally seen a weaponize weather controlling facility. I’ve also personally seen the tunnels and bunker underground built for when SHTF for the president. But that’s not what I’m going to about. I’m writing because so many people are asleep and don’t even know it. First let me mention the zombie apocalypse. In every zombie movie the zombies can only do want they remember they needed most to survive which is food. So they eat other humans. In real it’s similar. Real zombies do what they remember to survive which is WORK. Wake up get ready for work,drive to work, be on autopilot at work, than do it again and again and again. Some people call it a rat race. I say it’s the zombie apocalypse. Just because you’re breathing and have a heartbeat doesn’t mean you’re alive. And aliens or beings from other dimensions is here. All I’m going to say is why do think the media is working so hard to make people accept transvestites. What do you really think aliens are going to look like? Why can’t they look similar to us? Created in an image similar to us but not quite us. Do you know the Pope has the biggest telescope for looking outer space? Look around your city maybe not your neighbor but your city. Remember illuminati isn’t some devil worshipping group. Even in freemasonry it says you have to believe in a supreme being but doesn’t say who. Not to mention the holy bible was written to put Rome in power. But that’s for another post.

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