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When people say Las Vegas is a 9/11 type event

in conspiracy •  11 months ago

...They mostly speak in the significance of lives lost or the resulting legislation that happens. I'm on board calling Vegas a 9/11 level event but not for those reasons. I see 10/1 as an awakening event, similar to how lots of us got put on this path. It's crazy to think that I still know people that have no clue about building 7 but at the same time I see trickles of even the MSM questioning the narrative of 10/1. Is this an unanticipated effect of a controlled manipulated event or clever social engineering? Regardless, it gives me warm fuzzies to hear so many say "WTF?"

This is significant and these events were symbolic on many levels, much more than a "physical deed done" (I'm looking at you cowboy boots photo). The numbers, images, locations, etc. These are triggering events for consciousness, both in the individual and the population at large and that is no mistake.

So, congratulations to the newcomers. We've been waiting for you to open your eyes.

(10/1 is 9/11: 10-1 and 10+1) :)

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