Viral Video: The mystery of the extraterrestrial laboratory hidden in China

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For about fifteen years, a team of Chinese scientists found an ancient structure so strange, that the first hypothesis that was formed was that of a possible extraterrestrial laboratory that has worked in the past. The ruins, located in the desert section that forms a large part of the intersection between the provinces of Qinchai and Tibet. For many years, very few people settled in these areas. There are no industrial facilities in the vicinity and, obviously, there are no traces of civilization, much less so advanced to create what was found in the ruins. Would it have been an extraterrestrial laboratory ?

The mysterious ruins of China Will it have been an extraterrestrial laboratory ?

Although, during history, there is no evidence that any civilization has settled in the area, even on the so-called Monte Baigongestá located a kind of ruin that consists mainly of three triangular entries. Two of these entrances are blocked, but the one that is free leads to a mysterious cave that was excavated manually, which leads to the center of the mountain. The strangest thing is that, on the walls and floor of the cave, you can see metal pipes, which form a sophisticated network of old pipes for some purpose.

The pipes, already rusted, go from a kind of corridors and connect the cave with the nearby lake TosonHu, a saltwater lake that is less than 100 meters away. To the north of the lake, erosion revealed hundreds of these conduits. This was what led scientists to conclude that the pipes were created to be used as a kind of drainage or, on the contrary, a type of water pump from the lake.

As they discovered the laboratory of extraterrestrials

This discovery has baffled all scientists, because a complex system of pipes should not exist in that area. The research team took different samples of the pipes to be studied, be surprised by the discoveries.

Thanks to the thermoluminescence processes, the team of scientists was able to analyze the crystalline structure of the pipes, verifying that they had been subjected to high temperatures, taking them to extremely extreme heat thousands of years ago. That means that the pipes would have been melted at a time when humans had not yet begun to use metallurgy. Who created them then? There are different hypotheses, the most supported is that of some undiscovered civilization that has used metallurgy much earlier than we weighed, completely changed history and, second, is that it was a laboratory of extraterrestrial origin.

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