The mystery of the possible extraterrestrial attack to Mars

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There is a theory in which it is suggested that Mars , currently, is covered by a large amount of radioactive waste that remained after a series of nuclear explosions that happened in the past. According to this theory, Mars , in the past, was a planet inhabited by an advanced extraterrestrial community that was eliminated by another.


Was Mars populated by extraterrestrials ?

According to specialists, the Red planet was populated by an extraterrestrial civilization as advanced as the ancient Egyptians of our planet. The conclusion that has been reached during the studies is that the possibility that this civilization of Mars was destroyed by nuclear bombs is quite high. The evidence of this massacre can be clearly seen.

The mystery of the possible extraterrestrial attack to Mars.

In 2011, the theory had been postulated that the red color of Mars could be the result of a nuclear explosion that formed naturally. The surface of Mars is covered with a thin layer of radioactive debris in which potassium, thorium and uranium stand out. This pattern emanates from some hot spot on the planet. The most logical thing is that a nuclear explosion left all this radiation on the Martian surface.

From this theory, many ufologists and scientists have advanced research, reaching the point where the possible natural explosion is completely ruled out. Now a premeditated attack by some advanced civilization is proposed.

A possible attack on another extraterrestrial race from Mars ?

In his last essay it was concluded that the nuclear isotopes found in the atmosphere resemble those emanating from a nuclear hydrogen bomb. This could have been launched from space resulting from an attack on the Red planet. This is supported by data collected from the Martian surface where a large concentration of Xenon-129 can be seen from its atmosphere. In addition to the uranium and thorium that exists on the surface, of which samples are collected by the Mars Odyssey.

Although skeptical scientists claim that these components are everywhere and that it is not at all strange that they can be found on Mars, the evidence suggests that these high amounts only appear in locations where there were nuclear explosions.

If to this is added the already warm and warm climate that Mars had in the past, with an ideal habitat for life, where it is speculated that there was an animal and vegetable kingdom together with an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization like the ancient Egyptians. There is only one possibility that the Martian environment has changed so drastically and there are no traces of previous life on the planet.


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