Stephen Hawking mysterious way to achieve the journey through time told by scientists

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The journey through time has always been an interesting subject for both scientists and science fiction lovers while for some, time is totally linear. There are theories that suggest that it is not, according to Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity.


Space and time coexist according to Stephen Hawking

It is possible to travel to the future but not to the past, however the journey through time is not only theories; there are evidences that show that they have been going on for years, innumerable evidences of travelers in time.

The most popular alternative to time travel was the metal clock in the Seech in Shanghai tomb, the archaeologists found a suisse watch with the time frozen at 16 o'clock and there is also graphic evidence like the old black and white photograph published in The website of the Canada, corresponded an image to the reopening of the Sound forge bridge in Canada in the 1940s where you could see an individual who was out of place and time with urban and modern clothes with dark sunglasses.

A physicist reports that travel is possible over time

You still have to discover the materials needed to make the time machine. "People think that traveling through time is a matter of fiction," said Wendt and Peter, a professor of mathematics and physics at the Ucan campus university in British Columbia.

We tend to think that it is not possible because we do not actually do it but mathematically it is possible. In one study, he argues that space should not be divided into three separate dimensions of time; instead, the four dimensions should be imagined at the same time as a space-time continuum in which the different directions are connected on the basis of Einstein's theory.

There is evidence that the closer a black hole is, the slower it moves, the time machine uses curved spacetime to bend time in a circle and not in a straight line.

You need a special box or machine to travel through time

Although it is mathematically feasible, it is still not possible to build a space-time machine because we need materials called exotic matter to bend spacetime in these forms. Making it clear that it is not possible to make a machine in time and in the future; the researchers could have found a way to build the legendary machine.

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