Livestream: @ned is speaking at CONSENSUS 2018

in consensus •  6 months ago

I just found out through the SMT Telegram Chat that @ned is speaking at CONSENSUS 2018 about Content Monetization and True Net Neutrality, which is live-streamed as well.

Date: 2:20 PM NYC time (UTC-5:
For all germans: the talk is at 8:20 pm (20:20 Uhr)

Livestream: (Grand Ballroom West)

Last but not least - gratitude goes out to @free999enigma on telegram who shared this info.

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Our CEO @ned is doing his best to promote this community we are living. We must promote this as well on other social media platform to see the potential growth of this platform. Many are gonna see this a opportunity than any other posting sites

Thank you for sharing this @therealwolf -- @ned is doing an awesome job -- really excited to see the direction steemit and steem are heading!

This is pretty bullish overall for Steem. Very interesting things coming down the pipeline.

Thanks for the heads-up @therealwolf!
I’ll be definitely watching it :-)

Seems that this is the link to the livestreams from all the conference rooms:

I'm the one who is posting on SMT Telegram glad i helped you to find this :)

Nice thanks, gotta remember to vote for you as a witness next time I log on from my computer

Great to see @ned doing his best for Steemit, and this is how it should be. Hopefully, we could see some positive results in days to come.

@steepshot first you upvote me then un-vote and you do the same thing to other users. Not nice and not fair.

When I found out and wrote this, they flaged me so no one can read it.

Hola @therealwolf
Esperemos que esto produzca un alza en el Steem dolar y beneficie a todos los stiminianos.
Gracias por compartir.

thank you also for sharing it here.. I guess i have to watch something interesting tonight.. I hope we also have some new news..

Great news, more #awareness! Ill be in #NYC for #blockchain week at the end of this week and @Dlive's 1st meet up, great week to be in #NYC! Looking forward to this at 2:20PM EST today. Thanks for the info @therealwolf

cool thank you that you think about our German time. Ich werde mir das um 20.20 Uhr anschauen. )

@therealwolf thanks for sharing this, I really appreciate. Before now, I never knew @ned would be speaking at CONSENSUS 2018.

Das werde ich mir ansehen.

Und vielen Dank für die Angabe der deutschen Zeit! :-)

very cool ... thanks for passing on

... just mentioned, top 5 areas of future tech:

  • genetics
  • robotics
  • energy storage
  • next gen internet / a.i.
  • blockchain

interesting list

Thanks for the heads-up.

Looking forward to it and to seeing how the STEEM and SBD price will be affected afterwards :)

Great shit

i love steemit.. future just owsome

Thanks for this information. It would be nice hearing from the boss himself @ned. Look forward to any update soon. Thanks

This is great opportunity for steemians. And @ned speaking can be helpful for the steemians users. thanks for that live-stream...

excellent work I hope to have your support follow me and I follow you!

Still not live?


Check post - I've updated it.


@therealwolf, thanks the youtube stream worked, I only missed the first 10 minutes or so. First time I've heard of props and blockstack, how do you think these match up against steem?


Also the props website says they are the first decentralized video platform is that true or was first lol.

I am right now at consensus listen to ned speech

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Thank you for sharing this and keep up the good work :)


did someone grab this thing?


It's on Youtube, but currently blocked due to copyright issues...
They should've used DLive to publish it instead :-P

EDIT: @knircky here's a recorded version from @acidyo (thanks!!).

interesante. Gracias por compartir esto @therealwolf

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Yehhh go steem


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