My life began a significant shift upon reading Dan Millman's book, The Life You Were Born To Live nearly 20 years ago. Essentially this is a book about numerology. Yes, numerology. At first I found it curious that numerology could accurately predict anything. But it did. I used it as a kind of fascinating party trick. I'd collect the birth dates of family and friends and then share what I found in this book. I was astonished, as were they. It worked. But how? I simply could not fathom such a thing. I even wrote the author an email seeking clarification on the subject. He responded with an electronic shrug of his shoulders and concluded by pointing out the famed ancient philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, taught that the language of the Cosmos was math and numbers, and approached human consciousness through their use!

Instead of turning my back on this newfound system I simply accepted it. It worked. Having come from a rather traditional Christian background where these sorts of things were considered the work of Satan and his minions it was rather remarkable that I was fairly open minded. But I was not consumed by the system. It remained a fascinating curiosity for me. Then, several years later, I was introduced to astrology by a very learned academic, Dr. Richard Tarnas. Again, I was rocked on my heels. Astrology!? I could barely accept that it worked, but again, it did. After an intense study of the subject that lasted years and close to two thousand hours, I became an astrologer. I know, sounds whacky doesn't it?

Well, at least I don't have to worry about being burnt at the stake like some heretic witch from the Middle Ages in Europe. Or do I? I was fascinated to read that in 2014 some 1,000 witches were slaughtered by frightened neighbors in Tanzania. Well, I'll probably never visit that country so I should be OK. Right?
Not necessarily. I have learned to guard my involvement with such an odd avocation. Most people are polite when they hear of my oddness, but it is clear they have a 10 foot stick handy so I won't get too close!

My Mensa certified, genius son, said it best, "Dad, I don't know how astrology could possibly work. But it does." That quasi endorsement will have to do.

But then things became even more curious. I'd be doing an astrology reading for a client and I would get these psychic intuitive insights. At first I kept these intuitions to myself. I simply was too inexperienced to trust what I was intuiting. However, as time went on I could no longer deny that what I was "receiving" was accurate. Holy Cow! I was a psychic numerologist and astrologer. Astonishing. At least to me it was. One particular client comes to mind: She would soon be headed to France with her fiancee to visit his family. During a reading I had the strongest intuition that death was all around her. I thought it might even be her own death I was sensing. I said nothing. A couple of weeks later she called me from France. Her boyfriends father had passed away. A few days later, no kidding, she called again. Her boyfriends aunt passed away. They were going to stay in France much longer than anticipated to take care of the estates. But the story does not end there. When she returned home, she learned her adult-aged daughter had cancer. Shortly thereafter she passed away, and then within months another close family member passed away. Indeed, death was hovering around my client.



Indeed, how could this be? I reasoned that the Cosmos must be much more complex and interactive than I had ever thought. And it is. Of course having been raised a Christian in a culture that relies very strongly on science, which condemns, what is to them magical thinking, I was driven to understand how such things could be. I thought there must be an explanation.

The interactive Cosmos we live in "heard" me and starting in the fall of 2009 I began an exploration of consciousness, human beliefs and behaviors and our plastic (meaning responsive and interactive) Cosmos. Ladies, hold onto your panty hose, men, hold onto your jockey shorts: on an almost nightly basis I had downloaded into my consciousness a deep understanding of these subjects. This intense period of learning lasted about 8 years. I still "receive" information and understanding but it is more subtle and personal. Now I consider myself to be a mystic, shaman, psychic, astrologer, medium (I sometimes communicate with the deceased). No kidding.

I promise you, I'd not have dreamt this sort of thing for myself in a million years not too long ago. I am as amused and amazed as anyone. Now, just so you know, what I learned about consciousness and related science, I wrote down and then I cross checked it over and over and over with readings from Tesla, and Einstein and Plank and Stanislav Grof and Carl Jung and others. I wasn't crazy, they were saying the same things. No, I'm no genius like they were, but somehow I was informed with knowledge that apparently is available to many. In fact I've since discovered that there are numerous people who are more well informed than I. How many? I can't even guess. Thousands? Tens of thousands? Millions? You see the thing is, most people are very cautious in sharing this type of thing. Social/cultural prejudice is so very strong. But that is changing. We are now opening our minds to the possibility of a much more complex and fascinating Cosmos than we had every dreamt of.

So what's the point of this post? First of all, I encourage you to look beyond cultural programing. It is not always correct. (Thats an understatement!!) If you find yourself condemning what I have shared you may ask yourself why? Where did you pick up the beliefs you hold as truth?

The second point of this post is to let you know that I will be sharing some of the things I've learned. I hope you'll be able to at least consider the veracity of what I share. I'll try and make my observations understandable and relatable to common life. Try and keep an open mind.

Well, that's it for today. Tomorrow: Energy Banks. Now it gets really interesting.

Many blessings and may you be at peace.

Mister Mercury



Highly Resteemed

Hey thanks @weirdheadaches. Have a blessed day. Oh, and my intuition tells me you are obviously of higher intelligence and consciousness! It must be the (56)!

I'm a Kundalini yoga teacher, and I feel the way about Kundalini yoga that you feel about astrology. I'm filled with total wonder at how and why the stuff works so profoundly. Even when I'm told "doing this action stimulates this part of your brain," I'm still in awe, and it's still very mysterious to me.

It has been discovered that we're not the originators of our thoughts but the receivers of our thoughts. We receive thoughts from The Field based on our vibration. What this means is that everyone is always channeling!! All we have to do to receive information is to get into the vibrational frequency of it and into the receiving mode! It's been said that this is what all genius is.

Fascinating comment, and I love it! If you are like me you read "somewhere" about we humans being receivers and don't have a reference, but by chance do you? I'd like to see it. I know Einstein said he was a "receiver" as have other geniuses. I think Carl Jung was one. Anyway, yes, our paradigm of the individual soul is changing...it appears we are extensions or units of spirit or Essence. We are more "one" with each other than we had ever thought. Blessings.

The concept of receiving thoughts from the Field based on our frequency/vibration makes total sense. Maybe Christ wasn't kidding when he suggested we are all parts of the Body of the Father. (Something like that.)

I first heard it from Abraham Hicks. Then I heard it from Bruce Lipton a Cell Biologist. He wrote about in his book The Biology of Belief. Then I heard Donny Epstein say it. :)

I also wrote on this in You Are Not the Originator of Your Thoughts and We're Very Big.

It's been said that when someone does something really well, they're channeling really. Such as when an athlete does something really superb and out of the ordinary. They usually say, I get out of the way and step aside and get into a zone. And painters get into a zone. This is what I experiment with often when I write. I'm usually stepping aside, in receptive mode and letting it flow.

Channeling is a funny word. It's quite outdated really. But we're very big. And we can tap into anything. Most of the time people are only tapping into thoughts that are in line with their programming. So they're getting a very limited range, and nothing very new, leading edge, or inspirational. But when you start to become more subtle, and you practice tapping in, you get inspiration and cutting edge thoughts and ideas.

Second time I've read/heard mention of Lipton today.

I love those synchronicities so much. They keep me going in difficult times.

Great post. You are very interesting ... which is why I follow you :)

@ sue-stevenson that put a smile on my face this morning. 🙏

I actually read a chapter of his book The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth last night. It got really good.

I have finally had the time to read your post! I've been trying to get to the other ones you wrote, only half reading them and then getting interrupted by life. I have been wanting to connect with you more, but I am also very tired lately and a few other things come in to play.

I am glad you shared this post as I was wondering how you came do be an astrologer. I think it is so amazing how everything came together! You learned about one thing and that opened the door to another and then another and another, each time discovering something about yourself you never even knew before. What an adventure!

I hope I get to have more to time to read your posts. I really enjoy them and like knowing your point of views, your insights on the things you write about. Thank you ^_^

Well, thanks. Hope life tumbles into place this week for you. I have finally fixed my problem over on Discord so can communicate with you on Astrology. Let's see if we can do that this week sometime. blessings

Hi @mistermercury

I can relate to your story in so many ways, even on the religious grounds. The most fascinating videos I want to share with you (you know I always share videos) are related to your post, which again is very well written.

First is to tie in to our cultural believes. We really don't understand to what level we are being restricted in terms of knowledge, through this method. The elite know things we can only imagine (things of science-fiction to say the least) and they program us so easily you will be scared once you take note.

It is an experiment of Ivan Pavlov's dog of classical conditioning and if you really consider this you will realize (or however most will realize) that they are nothing more then trained Pavlov's dogs. You watch sports over weekends knowing it has no benefit, you read newspaper knowing that most of it is propaganda and you watch the news knowing that they lie most of the time. Yet for some reason you continue doing this.

Funny enough is that in the back of your head you know all these things yet if someone brings it to your attention you ridicule them. Why don't you watch sports Bill, is there something wrong with you? Why don't you read the newspaper James, do you want to be uninformed? or Why don't watch the news Tim, are you a conspiracy theorist? It is unbelievably easy to program us and the system is self correcting. Some how they manage to teach everyone to accept the wrong answer as right and to shun the person trying to break the system. Simple video as seen below (does however not explain how this is accomplished).

On a bigger scale you and I both know how they are able to fool the masses but one thing I have started to realize is how big this has become on the internet (call me a fool for preaching this and not seeing it earlier). Truthstream media made a recent video that really highlighted this point.

But I digress. I lost composure a month or so back on one of your posts (don't know if you remember) and I went off on dark energy and dark matter and how fudge factors are used to make the nonsensical math work. Well I believe I found the answer to the bullshit science in the below video (not found the answer myself but found someone that found the answer).

We are but fools in this world searching with both eyes closed because we are actually being pointed in the wrong direction on purpose. The ones that lead know the plan years in advance and we will only see in 15 years from now what they had planned today.


I will leave you with the famous words of Divid Icke: "Call me crazy. I don't give a damn"

Well @dpl you have exceeded any criteria of an excellent comment! I especially appreciated the unbelievable clip of Paslov's dog. I'd always wondered what kind of dog he/she was. And the Muslim boys, glad to see someone over there is questioning social conditioning. Gives me hope.

It seems we are lost in a dream of Media created reality. We humans are so vulnerable to any form of energy input. I can only imagine what it will be like when VR is fully developed. It will be one short step from a literal Matrix. Blessings.

Fascinating journey. I'll be following your telling of it. Peace.

Well, thank @angelfire808. I look forward to serving you. Blessings.