SteemLiberator Condenser Now With Option To Select Post Beneficiaries!

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SteemLiberator Condenser Now With Option To Select Post Beneficiaries!

Thanks to a PR submitted by community developer, @eonwarped, has the option to set beneficiaries while creating a post. This amazing change will hopefully be fully merged into SteemIt condenser, but until then we can all enjoy it right now.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 6.00.08 PM.png

I have used this new feature to set @eonwarped a 50% beneficiary on this post.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 6.09.18 PM.png

All you have to do to use this new feature is to click "Advanced Settings" below the post editor and add your desired beneficiaries. Have fun Steeming!

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Ohh, awesome! Fun to see it in use somewhere, and thanks for setting me as beneficiary here :)

Hmm now that I see the screen shot I suppose the text and styling could use a little modifications, but I leave that for their PM to figure out hehe.


Yeah a lot of people were talking about not having an easy way to set beneficiaries without be charged to do it. I was going to do this but I found your PR waiting to be merged instead :)

Wow, now that is cool.
For some reason you were not already on my witness vote list, and now you are! (Enjoy the tiny plankton vote).

i'm your witness ! o.Ob

This is awesome!! I’m about to start an ongoing project that I’ll be splitting rewards on and this will help out very much!!

Holy fuck, that's pretty insane! Great for contest holders who have judges, or for specific charity fundraisers.

Great work!

That’s perfect for community accounts!

This seems like a really neat feature.

I wish I could come up with something more so my comemnt wouldn't seem as spammy, but I just can't do it this early in the morning.


Hah no worries I definitely wouldn't call you a spammer ;)

Rocking brilliant stuff! One of the best developments I have seen recently. Resteemed

Hi @netuoso! We are @steem-ua, a new Steem dApp, computing UserAuthority for all accounts on Steem. We are currently in test modus upvoting quality contributions with a high UA value! Nice work!

This is very nice feature. Good work

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hey @netuoso, are you still working on decentmemes? because I can't post memes there and I push the publish meme button and nothing happens. Sorry for the off topic.

This is an awesome alternative to using to setup beneficiaries on a post, and it would, indeed, be wonderful if it were incorporated into Condenser! Thanks for telling us about this!

I wondered what does this mean for quite some time. Thanks for making it clear! Sounds cool.

this is AWESOME!!!!

I wish that I had seen this last week for a birthday post that I did! but... so awesome - I will use it for the next post that I designate the post for others!! :) Really great work!

Great job on this

Wonderful feature👏Always remember @cutymeni whenever you want to set your beneficiaries... Lol😂😂

This is pretty epic going to make it a lot easier to create shared content and do collaborations without one person having to send off rewards after! Can’t wait to try it out

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