New Nonsense Writing Contest - Prizes Worth Over 30 STEEM - Ends Sun 12 Jan

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Hi everyone

Thanks to @rycharde for the initiative of this contest of a meaningless writing.

Here my first participation in your contests, I hope you like it.

An entry to the new meaningless writing contest - Prizes worth more than 30 STEEM - Ends on Sunday, January 12

I'm crazy or upset

I'm crazy or upset My head makes chip chip chip, it is so crazy and at the same time so sane, that sometimes I feel upset and at the same time balanced, many times sad and at the same time cheerful, what will happen to my head will be the hormones that I do they have like that? or maybe it is a meaningless writing, because of the nonsense I write. The truth is that when I write, I relax and at the same time I get stressed, I don't know what to say, but this encourages me to write more and more and being right is a meaningless writing.

You will say what happens to the friend, is she crazy? no sir I say it, I am not crazy, I am upset, crazy, cheerful and delighted and to complete simply in love and meaningless.



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