Waiting A Little Longer For Navi

in #computerslast month

With AMD coming out with a lethal range of CPUs and Nvidia making wave with the latest series in graphic performance, I am heavily pondering building that new rig that will make the latest AAA titles fly and let me multi-task like a beast. In my mind, the current pricing of processing power is not the biggest value for money but it is a fair boost over previous generations. So much so that I am currently not even looking at Intel. But this does lead to questions that may be answered sooner than we may think. Where companies sit behind over the competition, to survive there must be a response. Intel are nearing a critical point in time and perhaps their response will come sooner than expected, revealing power and pricing not seen before. But it’s currently unlikely we will know much for the rest of the year and Intel will have to bide its time leading into 2021.

Gaming is also set to change with Nvidia splashing around like the whale it is. Pricing and performance not seen before and if you’re just looking for a solid card that doesn’t break the bank, the 3080 is a sweet spot. For something a little more spicy, the 3090 is an extremely eye watering performance beast but a price tag is naturally applied to this high end card. But what about on the other side of the GPU market? Should I be cashing in my chips now and building a new rig? Well that’s down to personal needs and capability but Big Navi/RDNA 2 are still on the way. This is a crucial part to remember, a response is coming to current market climates and many are assuming that AMD will be the underdog. I have said this before their rise (or Ryzen), don’t sleep on AMD.

There is plenty of room for AMD to make ground and even gain some. They might deliver the most powerful card in the world but we could see something very promising as an alternative. This is only good news for the market as I have no doubt that general production lines will be dwindling this year. Let’s also not forget scalpers and perhaps even a potential crypto run could send these cards far and beyond the reach of many. So I am rooting for more options and holding off just a little longer to see what develops.

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