How a Refurbished Computer Can Save You a Bunch & Get You a Better System

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refurbished computer
A refurbished computer can get great system specifications for a fraction of the cost - it's almost like an insider secret. Complete with warranty, it is how many families can meet the back to school needs and upgrade their older systems.

One hot tip is that these people need to know is that refurbished is NOT the same as used.

If you are avoiding second hand computers on Craigslist and Gumtree, then you are correct to do so. There is a reason the person is selling it! The computer is probably making weird noises, slowed to a crawl or just flat broke in a way you would never know until too late.

The complete opposite is the refurbished computer. Refurbished computers are provided a new life, usually a very comprehensive repair and sometimes the computer is brand-new but was returned with a small problem like a hard drive failure, so the hard drive is swapped out and sold at a bargain basement price. On occasion, the computer was returned just because the owner changed their mind. The computer is essentially still brand-new and may even still be in the box!

Often times, refurbished computers will start their life as a business computer, built to the latest specifications and with business-grade components. When the lease or budget say to replace the computers, that is what the business will do, even if the computers do not need it. There is nothing wrong with the computers and they have likely been taken care of by the business's IT department who kept them in great condition. These former business machines can make for great home computer use, both the laptops and desktops.

The entire system can last longer, up to several years, and perform better than consumer ones because they have business-grade components that are more durable than regular consumer ones. Instead of sending these impressive computers to the junk pile, they are checked and necessary components replaced and operating systems cleanly installed. Then, they are often put through a stack of validation tests, then pack them up ready for a new user and new home to continue on it's usefulness. When we talk about buying one, we will always make sure you get a system that gives you breathing room for the next few years.


What are the benefits?

  • A lot of money is saved: You can get a wonderful computer that has been checked and set up by an expert tech and all for significantly less than the price of purchasing a new one. Now, if you add the fact you come upon a refurbished business computer, then you are getting higher quality and more durable components that will last longer than consumer models. It will be a clear victory. We will almost always recommend that if you see a refurbished computer deal that has you smiling, then you should act quickly - the computer will not sit around for long waiting on you!
  • Warranty coverage: To give you peace of mind, the refurbished computers always include a warranty. This warranty is your guarantee that buying this refurbished computer is a great decision. Issues with refurbished computers are rare because they have been through a series of checks, however if anything does come up, then it can be fixed under the warranty.
  • Save the Environment: Fewer computers will end up in the garbage and less resources will be used for manufacturing. When one thinks about how each computer requires a specific amount of precious metals to be mined, packaging and plastics created from several materials and all the related consumption of shipping, refurbished computers are the right choice for the environment. Be assured that the planet will appreciate your decision to buy refurbished for the environmental impact alone.


Are they reliable?

Some folks believe that a refurbished computer is going to likely break, but in truth they are really more reliable than some brand new computers.

There is an expected failure rate with manufacturers. A percentage of the computers they shove out of the factory go to buyers who find out that expensive new system is dead out of the box or breaks down within day or weeks of the purchase.

A refurbished computer has already proven itself operational and withstood the test of time. By the time it has gone through repairs and checks, both pre-emptive and required, a refurbished computer is better than a new one.

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About a year ago, I started to really take interest in circular economy and its strong impact on the way we produce, distribute and recycle/reuse products. It is so important to think in loops - cutting costs and saving the environment at the same time? Count me in!

Thanks for sharing, hopefully making technology more easily refurbishable (is that a word?) is gonna be a huge part of future development (At this point, some things cannot even be easily taken apart, like phones!)


I repair computers and you would be amazed at how many people would spend money on a new computer when their current one just needs a little TLC and regular preventive maintenance.

Yes, recycling of computer wares are becoming more popular and I think it will become very common place.


I can imagine! I know people who buy a new computer/new phone just because a newer model just came out. It makes no sense to me! My laptop is 7 years old and so far I only had to change the hard drive once and clean the fan from the inside several times. Still works :)

I do hope that more people like you will draw awareness to this issue.


Thank you for the kind words @vendee. I am trying.