Optimize Your Sleep By Eliminating Blue Light On Your Screens at Night

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I have been working on a really exciting project lately. I was among a few people selected to receive an advance copy of an unpublished book to review. It’s a full length non-fiction book manuscript from a publisher, and it hasn’t even got the graphics or cover done yet, as an advance copy, and I like new challenges and experiences, so I feel pretty honored.

I have also worked with the author, who is based in Vancouver in the past and she is great! I have been asked to review it when I am finished reading it and also to make a video review of it.

With an increase in reading, I am so glad I have the free flux program on the computer I do a lot of typing on.

Flux has been a useful tool for me to take the blue light that you see during the day out of my screen, so the kind of light I see in the day doesn’t keep me up at night, as Flux makes my computer screen darker and easier on my eyes.

The new Windows 10 has a blue light reducer built in. It’s called “Night Light”. You simply have to go into your night light settings to activate it if you have Windows 10.

You can also buy glasses to wear before bed that eliminate blue light while you are on your phone or computer, which they recommend that you wear in the 2 or 3 hours leading up to your bedtime.

To help you get to sleep, and avoid eyestrain, turn on the display to “night light” or “flux” on an older computer, and your display will show warmer colors at night that are easier on your eyes. You can even wear the glasses in addition to the blue light eliminating tool if you spend a lot of time on your screens for your work.

I find that little tools like this really help make things easier, and I am always happy to learn about new ones coming out to optimize my life.

Have a great evening and get a great sleep!!

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