Whaleshares Curation Show #36 Featured

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This week we hosted the 36th edition of the Whaleshares Curation Show, and here is a recap of some of the great posts and topics that was featured in this show, good posts are a fundamental part of a great community on the block-chain, so go and show these posts some love!

The Whaleshares Curation Show is now recorded, and a live recording of this show will be posted shortly.

Our fist curated post for the evening was by @angeltirado highlighting the differences between Karma & Dharma


Next up we had a wonderful photography post by @arrozymangophoto:


Followed by a absolutely stunning art post by @rf-abol


We were also joined by @soyrosa on this weeks show, who educated us a bit more on the possibility of earning crypto as well as some general crypto talk:


Coins such as Safex and EasydexPB were highlighted in the process If you would like to find out a bit more about these currencies feel free to check out the Safex site here or join in on the easydex discord channel here

The next curated post was an informative and controversial post on youtube censorship by @daniscib


Followed by a brilliant post compiled by @cain1914 displaying immense skill and attention to detail entailed in his graphic design.


And lastly we rounded up the evening's curation with a lovely and educational travel post done by @steem-hikers;


Not forgetting our weekly photo competition winner for the photo contest = @thehive


If you would like to learn a bit more about the Whaleshares Curation Show, you can read up by following this link

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