Tiny story contest - Win tiny prizes and get your story overextended!

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I made a post some time ago, which was showing off how you can overextend stories by explaining details which are not actually important for the story itself, but can make it interesting to read.

So today, I'm making a simple competition for you all!
Write a story of 10-15 words (or close, but the closer to 10-15 it is the better) in the comments before the post goes to payout.

I will then pick winning stories and write a "full length" story of the 10 word story by coming up details and descriptions which don't have any real impact on the story. Please notice: This will not be the topic of the story but the entire story! Please see this as a reference story!

The top story will gain 5 Steem and if any additional story will be chosen, they will be awarded with 1 Steem. In addition to this, when I will write a long described story regarding the post, the comment writer of the specific story will be set as a beneficiary of 50% to the story post. This will mean that most likely anyone who'se post will be chosen will get 1 Steem + extra from the post payout.

Remember, if Steem price goes to $100+ then this is a huge reward!

I haven't limited the amount of stories which will be chosen, but there will be only one winner.

I will start to write the chosen stories after I finish my currently running story. And I'll finish that when I get the artwork I requested for this. So this might be almost forever... maybe I'll just create the art myself.


Image from pixabay just to bring some more views.

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Hopefully I still have time to slide this in >.<

Coin’s slotted to a food-spenser.

Ca-chunk, twist, twist, vrrrrrrm, plop

"Delicious~ Hey Bob, try this!"

Have fun making this regardless.

This is a true story, although I wish it was made up. I will probably tell the whole story with details later, but let's see what you can come up with.

My entry:
A bat flew in my mouth while driving a motorbike in Thailand.

We'll see if your real story or my story is better in the end ;)

Here's my 10 - 15 word short story (and I thought a 50 word story was hard!)

Decision made, I boarded the plane to my new life.

Thank you!
I just realized how this can be understood differently than I meant and if you want, you can keep this or edit your entry. I added a mention on the text, as this is meant to be the entire story in 10-15 words, not just a topic.

If this was meant as a entire story, that's perfectly fine too :)

Ok thanks, I edited my post to make it my "tiny story". Thanks for the clarification!

Thank you, this is wonderful :)

Andra & Malika


Image Credit 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 turned into this blended image by myself

323 years, 57 timeportals, but in the end I found you and we saved Earth.

Great mini story! And I live what you did with your picture.

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A bachelor patient: I am weaker than before
Doctor: What type of weakness?
Patient: (with flashed face) sexual weakness
Doctor: How do you assess?
Patient: Don't feel the same excitement during seeing porn as like before!

(A real story)

By the way, I am really enjoying smooth @partiko PM . You may consider using the app, once more ☺

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I'm enjoying Steempeak really much ;)
It's not an app though.. but I try to avoid apps!

Hello! Glad you are enjoying Steempeak! We like it too!

However we are wondering why are you trying to avoid apps? Maybe we can help you address the concern!

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I'm not seeing any benefits from using apps, when I have always preferred to use online content through browsers - even by phone. I'm not interested in getting notifications on my phone and in addition to that, when using the browser interface I'm also using on PC, it's already familiar to me.

Even if the app would have the same interface as web interface is, it would still be basically "zero benefit".

So I'm getting no advantages in choosing an app, even though quite many people prefer apps :)
Thank you still for your concern!

Got it! Thank you so much for the thoughtful response!

Partiko has changed people's Steem experience not just by notification, but with so many useful features that aren't available elsewhere. And we are making it even better to use everyday.

If you are not against smartphones as a whole, maybe it's still worth trying!

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Looks like you and my wife have some similarities:) Before she used opera mini mobile browser to browse the Facebook, instead of the official app. After marriage, she switched over to the app.

If you feel any attraction for mobile app in future, give Partiko a try :)

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I also enjoy steempeak. I left busy or steemit long ago. For browser, steempeak is the best, no doubt. But for cellphone, @partiko is the best solution for me. As I stay away from home most of the time, I find it as the only way to stay connected with the community.

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Thank you so much for mentioning us!

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My entry:
I am making a comeback.
Edit in case this was too short
Step by step moving forward. I am making a comeback.

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cold coffee, early morning - an artist tries to get some inspiration as he met a writer in a public chat