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Goodbyes to Big Hug Burgers

I have been waiting for today where I get to meetup with the favourite bunch of Steemians at Big Hug Burgers for lunch. It has been awhile since we actually had a meetup. I remembered the last time was when @teamsteem came to the shores of Malaysia and we were taking him for a little food tour. So after he left, a lot of us went busy with our own little thing called life until recently... the owner of Big Hug Burgers, @danielwong told me that they'll be shutting down the whole franchise by month end.

It was saddening to hear this because I can remember we actually held our first "Official Team Malaysia Steem meetup" at this very place. That day had about 50-80 Steemians that came to join us. We get to meet with many new and seasoned steemians for the first time and those were the days Steem was booming in the Teammalaysia community.

After I got the message, I thought it was a good time to have a meetup at Big Hug Burgers one more last time in show of support for our Steemian friend. I mean... his burger joint did also accept Steem for burger meals before.

Our First Official Steem Meetup at Big Hug Burgers

Lunch today was fun as I get to finally meet @redpalestino again as I promised him to go have durian after the lunch. We were graced by a few other Steemians who came to have a good lunch. The Steemians who came for this meetup were :

@redpalestino, @notimetospace, @branlee87, @asianetwork, @fruityexplorer, @kimzwarch, @superoo7, @joannewong, @aaronleang, @davidke20, @auleo, @awesomianist, @vaelriey


Gonna miss this bear

This Bear will be all alone now

Big Hug Burger Set

This burger was HUGE. I don't know what's inside but my friend @branlee87 ordered it and it looks to me it's 2.5x of a normal burger set. I myself have decided to set for a Golden Chicken Teriyaki Burger set. It was really good as well.

My Golden Chicken Teriyaki Burger

@redpalestino enjoying his burger

It was surprising to see @redpalestino ordering a small burger. I asked him why and he said that he was leaving some empty tummy for the durian later on. Oh btw, if you guys don't know, he's head over heels for Durian. He even has a dream to start a durian orchard and sit under the tree, sipping black tea where we'll have another special table for special guests who comes to visit our farm.

That is.... if Steem rises.

Durian Time

After lunch, we chat a little while and with the sky started to become gloomy, we head out for our Durian fiesta where we'll meet @joannewong and @aaronleang there. Being lovers of durian, we only look for the best and today we had really good ones. The 'Super XO' Durian which gives a fermented, alcoholic, bittersweet creamy meat and the 'Musang King' from the old tree which gives a stronger flavour in texture, taste and smell. both were so good.

Finally finding his paradise

At the end of the day, it is always nice to meet up with Steemians every once in awhile. Steem rates are not the best now and still dropping that it's sad, not going to lie. I hope that the upcoming Hardfork and SMTs (the one we've all been waiting for over a year +) would help bring value and investors to Steem. I'd hate to call it quits on such a once was a beautiful platform where people from around the world can share their own individuality and express on this decentralized blockchain.

And Big Hug Burgers was where it all started for me.


Have a great weekend!

Thank You

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I will need a bigger mouth to eat that burger... 😐

Hahah, I have a big mouth but still can't wrap my mouth around it. :D

Nice one @zord what a joyous steem meetup.
I'm sure it's great to meet the actual members of Steemit in person.
I remember Durian from Thailand.
So what are you doing in Malaysia?

Have always enjoy having Steem meetups here. Haha, actually.... Malaysia have the best durians. We have many different grades and most of the time we export them to Thailand. The ones in Thailand are pretty blend. You should try the ones in Malaysia! Let me know if you ever decide to drop by. :)

Thanks, I will look you up when I make it to Malaysia, and we can have a steem meetup lol. There are a few South Africans that I'm meeting here on Steemit, but they are in other cities, none near me that I know of curiously.

So sad the Big Hug Burgers have to end it's business. Another durian post!
Look at how @redpalestino enjoy the king of fruits! Hahaha

Yea it's sad. The F&B business is tough and competitive. Right now there's too many bubble tea around. Hahaha

Too many bubble tea, but still long Q... hehe

It's good that you got to have your gathering at the Big Hug Burgers, but disappointing it will be closing. Bing that it was where you all got together the first time, and now when it will close, makes it even more special to all of you.

Yea it is kinda special to the Steem community here in Malaysia. Thanks for dropping by :)

Nice, I remember doing things like this when I was in Thailand

Haha, still waiting for you to come over. :D

Where is the Big Taiko ?
Thought he wouldn't miss any of these events.
Btw.. eating durian with plastic gloves ??

Hahaha, he busy with another event! Yea, they provide plastic gloves le. Not bad

It is sad to hear places that has a lot of memories closing down. Especially when the first meetup was made there. We also have durian here in the Philippines but I do not know what is a good durian from a bad one.

Hahah, you'll have to try all sorts of durian to know the good from the bad! :)

That chicken teriyaki burger looks fantastic! I have not heard of durian. I will have to look it up.

Wow, looks like you had a fabulous day @zord189! Those burgers...mmmmm Why is the franchise closing all of the stores, so sad. Great group of Steemians Malaysia. :)

Yea... it's the unfortunate things of the F&B industry. Very competitive when you have so many rivals serving the same type of food.

That’s so cool you can meet up in person. I wish I can do that here in New Jersey.

Even now, a lot have went inactive. I hope that more people will enter Steem once it rises again.

Great that you guys managed to do a meetup! That is a weird black burger that you have there... and eating durians with a glove? Is that normal?

Hahah, it's called Charcoal bun and the plastic gloves are so we don't have to wash our hands later! Not normal but if they provide. I just got lazy to wash my hands after. :D

I am so sad to see that the Burger place is going to close their doors!! And I am with you!! I hope that Steem gets it together and we all are not looking like fools to have invested so much time in it :(

IKR!!! Gosh, It's almost my 2nd year with Steem and I hope this is a good break of income stream for me too and I know you've done so much for the community here as well so I wish us the best!

Thank you. Hopefully, we all stick together and make it happen 👍

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That place looks amazing. Why are they shutting down?

Proud member of #powerhousecreatives

Sigh.... cons of the F&B industry. It's very competitive here

That's such sad news about Big Hug Burgers, but I'm glad you all got to have another meetup there one last time.

This Bear will be all alone now

Ugh, that one sentence TOTALLY hit me right in the feels... and I haven't even met the bear! 😭

Oh, and I could totally see you farming your own durian...LOL!

copy/pasted this from Discord,
since I couldn't find any other emoji ... 😜

Awesomesauce pictures - especially that grin on your face! And that last picture, with everyone gathered at the table is wicked cool. Here's to the next hardfork bringing all the best to our beloved blockchain. 🍀 🤗 😊

Yes! Now I wish steem can rise so I can go fulltime and meet you all :)