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Launching of my new business, @omnivori

Few months ago, a close friend of mine shared a news article about how cockroaches were being used in China to naturally eliminate waste and trash and turn them into fertilizers or decomposed materials. My friend has always been passionate about exotic animals, so she has come across a roach or two. Not the ordinary ones where they fly towards you whenever they see you but the ones that are fat, round and nutritious. The ones that are not invasive and serve as high nutritional food for many reptiles.

This sparked a conversation between both of us. We got to talking with another close friend and a few months later, @omnivori is formed. It was no easy feat as many research had to be done and if you have not read about this whole new venture I've just launched, do click the post below :

Bringing Omnivori To The World, My New Found Business

Well, apart from that, the same friends and I have also been having back to back meetings to discuss not only our personal business but an NGO that we're also preparing to launch. I have just recently got back from a meeting to re-align with them and though it was tiring, it was exciting as well. Along these meetings, come good food. As Malaysians, a hungry tummy is an angry person, so we always need to accompany these meetings with good food.

And @plantstoplanks, I didn't touch the rice on my beef enchiladas! I just ate the beef but there was melted cheese on it. I have also try to control my diet daily now, switching the rice/bread/pasta ratio to other healthy replacements. It is hard because I've been eating rice as my staple daily, it's almost as though I'm going through withdrawal now. But I know I need to be healthy in order to push for my businesses. No point getting all the money and be bedridden in the hospital.

And of course, after big meals like these, there are the desserts.

No, I did not eat all of these, I just like snapping photos of everyone else's dishes for content on Steemit. Speaking about Steemit, I do feel a little sad and as I was mentioning to a Steemian last night that I'm feeling a tad bit 'useless' on discord now. Why? Well, because I used to be VERY active on discord as though I never had a sleeping timeout. Right now, every time after work, I get home, write a post and heads to bed. My timezone is an issue as well because especially in the #powerhousecreatives discord, they're most active when I'm asleep. I do still follow the chats in my community and manage a little here and there but it was never as before.

I guess the season has changed for me when I started my business. The #powerhousecreatives have grown its members and the ones that have stuck long with us until now has grown so much on Steem and are actively participating in the discord channels. A bunch of them have even started their own monthly contest which is amazing to see. These members passionately want to do something that represents the #powerhousecreatives. I do miss being part of all of these and I hope when things start to settle for me and I get my personal issues dealt with, I can be more active on discord again.

Oh! It's already 1.30am here, I guess it's time to go to bed. Still working that fulltime job and doing 3 other things on the side (Steem, Omnivori and NGO) has pretty much packed my schedule. But I guess it's something to look forward to.


Thank You

If you like what I do, check out my other posts on meetups, animation, and designs.

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Credits to @pinstory & @coloringiship for this lovely photo of me.


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Your killing me with this food!!! >-<

I am HUNGRY!!!! Everything looks awesome. Your a busy dude. I can relate. between the day job, family obligations, spending precious time with the doggos and wife, as well as finding time to create art and photography.. doesn't leave much time for posting and supporting. Priorities always become more clear to me when I am under the pressure.

Hope all of your ventures prove fruitful!!


Hahha I'm sorry! Thank you, I hope everything will run smoothly and come into place.

How dare youuuuu?! I'm starving here and you show all this delicious food! This should be a crime! I will make you feed me one day! REVENGE SHALL BE MINE!


Apologiessss. If u come to Malaysia, u too will change all ur blogging niche to food.


Neveeeeer! I will eat all the food and keep writing my crazy nonsense while eating the food and taking pics while eating food and making food while eating pics and writing food while eating nonsense... Man, seriously... How dare you showing me again all this food?! I can't concentrate! I even ended up eating mexican food today after seeing your enchiladas! You're a bad influence!!!

I know none of us will think you as 'useless' at all. In fact, you had done so much and now even progresses to more new ventures. God will guide you. ❤️


Thanks @iamjadeline. :) Met up with Daniel yday and we'll be collaborating with something awesome. Hehe

Ok... ok- you have my attention!
The mention of... cockroaches almost made me stop reading... lol
THEN I saw all the food images and I came a-runnin'


Hehehe! :) Thanks for not running away

Noooo... food promo post at this hour. Shit!!

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Hahahha, why u haven't sleep onee, so late dy


Haha drove down to jb and arrived at that time 😂😂

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A good business. People are becoming more creative even about food


Thanks :D

Busy, busy Zord...


superr busyy laaa


Take care of yourself too okay!


I will. Thanks :)



I love a good veggy burger, but not cockroaches I'm afraid


Hahaha, it's not everyone cup of tea. :)

Hello @zord189, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Thank you @creativecrypto