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For more than seven months, many people have been aware of the development, growth and performance of the ark project. It has been forged as a platform for the artists who make life in the Hispanic community and on the different ways we can offer in the blockchain to give support and visibility to their work.

It is incredible how we have seen this space grow and how day by day many more people join our community and participate actively in our activities. In this way I fervently thank the unconditional support of my team @aidarojaswriter, @melaniesaray, @heibert210, @ilazramusic, @jauregui98, @jwilhelm87, @jorgeddln, @dreamsaboutcats, @exzorltg, @johannfrare, @juandvg, @miguelvargas and the support that for a long time offered @marcelim, @unicornia and @majo1989. Given this effort, we have managed to get the support of @steempress, @curie, @steemcreative and @crimsonclad and @jrswab as well as giving everything for everything so that these artists feel identified with us and believe in the fundamental objectives of the project:

  • Create.
  • Learn.
  • Promote.
  • Make art.

These are just some of the macro aspects that describe our space (you can read more here: The ark | El Arca)

Based on all this the development of contests, editorial content and audiovisual content has grown in great shape and currently we are working on the inclusion of new artists in the blockchain to see the great value that their work can bring.

Some publications:

Museion, Knowing the artists.
Partenon, weekly showcase.
Community Podcasts | Pictorial: "Ghosts of Photography."
Contest, Write in verses.
Harmony Contest, Sing with us!
Codex editorial.
Contest, Interprets reality in Elegance.
Capsule | Spreading Arts.
Stellae Curation team.
Support Application Outcomes.

What would be the best contribution for us now?

As you well know, we want to continue giving value to the blockchain. We want it to grow to a great extent and that Hispanic users continue to bring fresh and well structured content to the platform, therefore we are preparing for the realization of a great artistic MEET UP in Caracas - Venezuela, and at the same time looking for ways that allow us to hold various forums in universities and spaces that attract large numbers of people willing to learn, grow and demonstrate their skills in the blockchain, as well as expand and receive people from other countries who want to be a volunteer part of this project.

However, we do not have a direct income to support such activities so we need the collaboration of everyone, in what way?

  • By making a direct donation to @elarca.
  • Join the @stellae trail in steemauto.
  • Delegating Steem power to @stellae, which serves as the curator of our project and in turn serves as a means of self-sustainability in the form of rewards for our publications.

We want to be able to be self-sustaining, to have our own medium with which to support people and grow as a project at the same time. While it is difficult to get a great deal of support from the great whales of the community, we know that through our effort and dedication the work we do will be heard.

Do you have something to say? o Do you know how to support us?
Help us grown! ♥

I invite you to visit the project and learn more about our activities!
@elarca | @stellae | @capsula

Be part of the ark community on our Discord server: for them click on the image.

If you want to help us grow, you can do so through any of the following actions:

Make a donation to the project.

An important part of the project is to help the development and production of art and to reward the artists of the community so that they can continue to produce art, so we invite you to make a donation to the ark project, thank you very much!

Delegate Steem Power to the project using @stellae.

Delegate 25 SP | Delegate 50 SP | Delegate 100 SP | Delegate 250SP

Delegate 500SP | Delegate 1000SP | Delegate 2000SP | Delegate 4000SP

Note: Never leave your SP below 50. We are looking forward to supporting you, if your SP is less than that you can support us by becoming a Fan of the project.

Become a Fan of @elarca.

This way you will be automatically supporting the content of the project. To do this, go to, register or log in and look for our user in the "Fan Base" section of the website.

More about the project

Part of the Steem/SBD generated by any of these actions will go into a savings fund that will be used to cover the costs of artistic productions inside and outside of Steemit as well as to make awards in activities that can be raised with the users. Also, a part of it will be destined to make Power Up of the account so that it can be self-sustaining in the future.

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