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RE: [ANN] Introducing Dustsweeper. A new service to turn Dust into Profit.

in #community5 years ago

Awesome initiative you guys!

@spiritualmax thanks for getting this under my radar :>)

I am eager to start sweeping some dust and would also love to delegate some SP to the good cause to help out others with their daily household chores.

Feel free to reach out to me on discord

Have a great day!


and thanks for passing it on

You're welcome buddy
I can't wait for it's testrun on the vote you just gave on my comment ;>)

Did it work? Wait so when I upvote comments for .01 it isn’t reaching them?

I don't think it does reach them.

I believe it should start when a post reaches it's payout date (and has received votes under 3 cents).

Will keep you updated :>)

Awesome, I'm glad you like it @vincentnijman! And thank you too @spiritualmax, you are awesome for helping to get the word out!!!

I will try to get you on discord @vincentnijman, I assume it will be the same name there? And btw my name in discord is davemccoy#2479 ... I hope to connect soon!

I like it already and I'm not even using it yet

I was listening to this song - for some 90s nostalgia - just seconds before I received your comment:

"Are you the real mccoy?" ;>)

Yeah, you can find me on discord under that/ my name. Talk to you soon!

lol... yes I am the one and only "real mccoy" :P I tried getting you but I need those last 4 numbers after your name... I guess I'm not on the same servers as you so it won't let me see you without that number... Or if its secret, you can contact me ;) davemccoy#2479

VincentNijman#5870 Not sure why but I don't seem to be able to add you either
Talk to you later today. Time to wake up ;>)

we aren't on the same servers, so we have to "add as friends"... I sent you a friend invite... I'll be back on tonight

And @danielsaori wanted to talk to you as well if you want to add him too danielsaori#1610

I see. 'Add as friends'. Just learnt something new here.

I invited Daniel and will chat with you guys soon.
It might be tomorrow though as I have a hunch that your tonight is after midnight for me.

Bye for now!

I love that song. I think it was a number one hit in the USA in the 90´s .

Really! Not sure how good it did in The Netherlands but it surely was in the Top 40

It's so wrong and good all at the same time! I love it too! Gives me an instant energy boost :>)

In fact, I'm listening to it right now. I was 11 or 12 when it came out. It was just around the time that I got into listening to music on the radio/ my radio cassette player.


The good old times of the casstes players. Sometimes I miss my old walkman ...

I understand that feeling. Even though I never had a walkman, nor a gameboy...

I'm among the 1 % of people who grew up in the Western world in the 80s/ early 90s without these machines, haha

Instead of missing it, (I)just enjoy memories from the 'good' old days ;>)

I didn´t have a gameboy too. How about Commodore 64 or Amiga?

Nope. No console whatsoever, I just grew up with PC's but I played on these machines at friend's houses, whenever I had the chance.

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