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The need for and contributions of communities to the growth of steemians and grand development and evolution of the steemit platform cannot be over-emphasized. Every newbie in the system will always be advised to find a niche (community) that shares his/her values to belong. This sparks the light of collaboration and mutual support.

It is worthy of mention also that communities are not an entity in itself but formed when two or more users find a cause to work together and are ready to infuse their resources together for the common good of all. It is expected of each community to grow in asset (digital in this case) as well as enrolment (new membership). With this, curation trails became necessary and a valuable composition of community development. Existing as a community craves a synergy of competition with others, thus, the emergence of lofty projects, contests and promo by each community to make their presence recognized on the steemit platform and as well draw new membership.

I cannot tell which was the first community on the steemit platform, having joined the platform barely 9 months ago. Whales and dolphins can tell better. However, permit me to say, that I found myself in a few communities in the past 8 months of my active participation in the steemit project. Though I do not want to make unnecessary tagging, forgive me as I beg to mention @stach @air-clinic @ulogs and @steemchurch who has made my days on steemit so far to be worthwhile.

The import and contributions of communities to the growth of steemians and grand development and evolution of the steemit platform cannot be over-emphasized

The essence of this write is simple as it seeks to call for the regulation of community establishment and operations on the steemit platform. I hope @ned and his team as well as our able witnesses will seek to draw out the useable fragments of this and forgive me if I err. However, if this posts fails to get an envisaged attention , I may have to promote it to insane highs because it could be necessary in the future.

I will hereby enlist and explain why (where possible) my suggestions as it relates to community organization and harmonization of operations on steemit. These are my personal views and it does not in any way seek to undermine the #freedom that the #steem blockchain seeks to afford its users.

Community Creation

#Steemit should regularize the way communities are created. By this, I mean there should be provision for proposal to open a community. The proposal should contain the aims and objectives of such communities, its expected module of operation as well as the workforce needed and other resources needed to achieve their set goals. Such proposal should come with unbeatable reasons why such a community should be supported. I think this proposal should be seen by @ned and his team as well as the steemit witnesses with a channel (tag) devoted for this purpose such as #community-proposal strictly for this purpose with strict measures against abuse.

The essence of this proposal is not for approval, rather, to open up such intended community for possible support by the #steeemit team through valuable delegations. Moreover, the witnesses can have an opportunity to select which community to support so that the interests (of such communities) would be well represented when taking critical decisions about the steemit platform.

Regulating community creation, I think will help to checkmate unwholesome activities of bots with intentions of spamming the system.

Community Reports and Success Stories

Communities should be making periodic updates on the successes and challenges encountered by them in case, help could come from somewhere. This will give the community leaders more sense of responsibility when they are aware that they will tell the world how their leadership has forged the STEEM blockchain forward.

Community Growth Index and Incentives


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As earlier stated, you would agree with me that the growth of communities is the growth of steemit. In a way to reward community efforts, a periodical review of community activities and their success would be made by the steemit team. Thus, the growth level would be measured with a tool I caption “Community Growth Index” (That is a work for developers to try out. I don’t know how to program) which could consider factors below:

  • Total number of members;
  • Number of active members;
  • Projects successfully executed to grow STEEM or grow STEEM enrolment;
  • Total Steem Power held by members
  • Cumulative power-ups made by members
  • Meet-ups successfully hosted;
  • Impacts vested on the other digital and non-digital communities outside steemit;
  • Add other factors in the comment section

Outstanding performances should be rewarded with incentives such as more delegation, #airdrop release for members and free tickets to special blockchain events such as #steemfest.


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As I wrap up my write, I wish to draw us to an ongoing altcoins voting on Netcoins. The effect that brought STEEM to its current first place ranking is as a result of a dedicated synergy of steemit communities which was piloted by @oracle-d. Where the operations of our communities were regulated, STEEM wouldn't have strugled thriough the ranks as a memo would have been sent to all recognized viable communities and would have been a done deal since day 1 of the contest. Though blockchain teachnology hinges on #freedom, we must be aware that #freedom is not actually free, there are burden attached to it. it takes the consciousnes of regulation to get this actualized.


I wish to continue, yet, let me attain to you reactions and critiques. I hope we can grow more robust communities in steemit if their creation and operations are regulated. I see a better growth of STEEM if these suggestions are refined and used.

I am @Uyobong – Teacher, Motivator and an emerging Blockchain Enthusiast

Though I’ll appreciate upvotes on this blog, I emphasize my request for valuable contributions (comments) to my ideas. Irrespective of whether they be negative or positive critiques, the engagement will give me more succor


Very good Uyobong - you have a strategic head on you - just like this Knight.

Do you play Chess?

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Thank you SN for having a read through this. am a learner in Chess

It hurts my heart that some communities with less value are vested with mush delegation while those who impact lives and form an essence of the platform are left to struggle their way. I do not intend to hype, but must confess that @steemchurch has contributed so much to humanity through its agenda within and without the blockchain, yet, the niche cannot boast of 100,000 SP. We have to be sincere with ourselves. We want to grow STEEM and it can only be easy when STEEM is used to affect lives out there.

This advocacy is my latest project and I pray God help me take to the fore-front. @ned and witnesses should have a read of this, shape out the "non" and take the sense in it. If community formation and operations are regulated, those who impact lives and truly image STEEM to the world would have a better support than it does in the present. Steemchurch is one of such. I am sure with you, this message will go far. More on this are coming.

Thankyou for you feedback and enthusiasm Uyobong. SK.

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You have made some great points here @uyobong and I hope this post gets more visibility.

Thank you @bait002 for coming around. The regulation of community set-up and operations becomes very necessary even as @ned plans for the outset of "Destiny"

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This is apt. Though am not very technically inclined, this post is an eye-opener. I pray the post will go far