*The Love For Modern Architecture- Inspirational Photos*

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_1010080 (2).JPG

Skyline of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

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Modern architecture has something for everyone. Amazing!

Sunny Isles Beach skyline - Jade Signature, Jade Beach, & Jade ocean.

_1010065 (2).JPG

Jade ocean has an Avant Garde design, it is completely covered in glass. It is one of the most sophisticated smart technology architecture buildings on the Beach of Sunny Isles.


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_1010043 (2).JPG

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Sunday, September 30, 2018. :-D


From the top to the bottom of this building, the design is really beautiful, unique and spectacular!

It's wonderful to see what beautiful architectural structures humans can build when they have advanced education programmed into their brains with the passion and ambition to bring their vision to reality!

_1000988 (2).JPG

Happy Sunday! :-D

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What a beauty 😍😍


Thank you so much @soulesque, to admire the beauty of today's modern architecture. The city of Sunny Isle beach is really beautiful.

Followed you :)

Enjoy your day! : -D

Hello, I could notice that you use the utopian-io tag. Know that it is generally expected that posts with that tag is related to Utopian.io aim, which is open source. Thus, you could consider excluding that tag in your future photo submissions even though you probably contribute to the steemstem community.

Anyway, check @utopian-io to know more what the project is about.


Thank you so much @espoem :-D I really appreciated your advice.

I relatively new here in the Steemit platform, I learn every day by myself.

I remove the tag.

Light, success, peace, and harmony in your life!