Sharing some community content. Some quality content you may have missed

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As always, in an aid to help the #silvergoldstackers community here on #steemit, i will be sharing with you some of the content created and shared by our members recently.

@ronaldoavelino - Centennial of the Discovery

@pocket-change - Reset

@goldkey - Silver Review

@silverd510 - Kookie....

If you havent done so already, please head over to their posts and share some love. You may even find out something interesting about precious metals.


Want to find out more about gold and silver? Get the latest news, guides and information by following the best community on the blockchain - #silvergoldstackers. We're a group of like minded precious metal stackers that love to chat, share ideas and spread the word about the benefits of "stacking". Please feel free to leave a comment below or join us in the community page, or on discord.

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