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RE: The Secret to Riding The Volatility Wave With Steem, Bitcoin , Eos et al

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good afternoon I'm back here, good information my friend, this is interesting what you say I hope to see your next post, I'm grabbing taste to your publications, it's my second time that I comment, a greeting from Venezuela


What is good about the post?

good morning, I do not understand because when one,comment you do that but good, it's good because it does not teach that we should not despair before the situation the votality of the coins, which teaches us to be clever and know when to buy and when not, what we owe is from see the future is to see long-term and not short term, because I say it and scares me when the value of the steemit began to decrease even I was interacting with other friends and they told me that normal that as well as low so it goes up there is where the game is, you must buy when the value is low and sell when it is expensive, at that time I could not understand what they were referring to, so when you mentioned that in your post it was where I could understand what was said Some of the people with whom I talk about, well I hope you have been clear because you like it because it is the second time I comment and you answer me with a question, I hope you take into account my humble comment a greeting from venezuela

Wow what a good comment...greetings to you

thanks for taking into account my humble comment

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