The Daily spotlights – February 26 2019

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Do you remember the @theycallmedan 20k delegation poll from some time ago? I asked you to vote/support for @steemitbloggers… Well, guess what… they’re at it again 😊 Last time they ended at the second place so… this time they have to win.
Read @jaynie’s post here for the who/why/where/when questions and… Vote Vote Vote!

And of course, as this is the (almost) daily spotlights… congratz to the nominees of today!

(For those reading this Daily Spotlights for the first time… if you want to help one of your friends to gain more visibility, or just found a post that deserves a bigger audience… just comment on the latest DS by copying the link of the post you would like to nominate. And maybe it will be featured in the next Daily Spotlights… The easiest way to find the latest DS is by checking here:
(For all the rules click here))



Congratz @curatorcat you were nominated by @traciyork because…well, who can resist this one? 😉



Congratz @stachu you were nominated by @adyorka because she loves the “Hej!” 😉


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OH! I almost forgot to nominate someone too! In keeping with the theme of my last nomination (and because these little beauties are a lucky charm), I'm going for this one.

As always, I leave it to your discretion with shot to choose, but I'm rather partial to the first one. 😻


Bless you @traciyork. Whatever happens, Princess Pearli is a winner w😻

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Dearest @pixresteemer, please tell your human that you are the most wicked awesomesauce bot ever, and I am totally your fan! 😊





Thanks for the suppoert champ!

You are the 💣 @pixresteemer. Thanks for the shout out

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That's awesome to have your support @pixresteemer!! As a humble member of @steemitbloggers, I am very much appreciative of all the outside love we've gotten from all around the Steem community!

Great selections. That cat is too cute and that flower stem shot has wow factor for sure.

And yay for #steemitbloggers


Thank you for the support of @steemitbloggers, @pixresteemer

It is much appreciated.

Upvoted and resteemed


Awww.... thank you so much for including my photo @pixresteemer! Appreciate the support.

Supporting @steemitbloggers in the poll!


Thank you for your support of @steemitbloggers! It would mean a lot to our little community to win this delegation.


It's looking good right now...