Words of the Day - Admiration or Jealousy

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A few days ago I have watched a fantastic comedy actors roundtable on YouTube with stars like Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Don Cheadle and more and catch one really interesting thought...

At one moment, they were talking about who were their idols when they have formed themselves as comedians, and Sacha Baron Cohen (Brüno, Borat, AliG) said that Jim Carrey was his. Jim was already a big star, and Sacha was just trying to find his way with his unique humor and really different short movies (Ali G). Knowing all that, Jim Carrey said that seeing new young star doing something totally different provoke mixed feelings inside him... And, at that moment, he had two choices to go, to feel ADMIRATION or JEALOUSY towards new comedy star.


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It's the same thing very often in the business, where is teamwork involved. Also, I would say that is similar to our small communities and tribes. Usually, we have one person (or two) who start a community, find few people to make a team of moderators, curators...

Then a new guy comes in, with some great ideas which can improve platform and program, but you have to work together to reach the goal. At that moment, we all get into that position, "to admire" or "to be jealous", in a matter of fact, the right dilemma is ACCEPT OR REJECT. And the real problem lays in human nature, we get scared of losing our job/rank/position because of the "new guy". Instead of that, we have to accept a new situation and develop those ideas together, because we are stronger as a team.

The easiest thing is to be jealous, to criticize everything and everybody and doing nothing. The hard part is to accept that somebody who is better than me exist... and the fact that he/she is right here isn't easy to swallow... And USE THAT!!!

There are numerous examples of this, especially in sports... Let us take as an example of tennis... We have three great players in history playing at the same time, Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic... And neither one of them wouldn't be such a great player if there were other two... They were improving themselves to reach each other and pushed themselves toward perfection... MAKE THEMSELVES BETTER!


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We are growing together on the blockchain, and, as its name says, it is a CHAIN, and we are adding every day additional LINKS to the chain. Some of those links are weaker, some of them are stronger, but in the end, it is one UNIQUE CHAIN and everyone is equally important keeping it in one piece.


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I'm not perfect. Not by any means. The last perfect person hung on a cross for us.
When I was younger, I was jealous and envious of so many. Now that I'm older and somewhat wiser, I try to not be. I am happy when people do well here. I can admire what they do. Sometimes, it even makes me want to step up my own game. Great post man.

Thanks for the awesome comment, Craig!

And this is crucial Sometimes, it even makes me want to step up my own game.

You have created a video recently... you have stepped out of your comfort zone... you are improving yourself...