From Searching For #Legit #DashWallet back to steemit.

in community •  last year

Hi, Steemit #community,

Yesterday, while trying to connect to the dash cryptocurrency wallet i created months ago i discovered from online information that was a #scam site.
I went to Dash site searching for how to create DashWallet for my Dash cryptocurrency when I found a post on Dash site about a Multi - cryptocurrency wallet called Exodus and somehow on that site I clicked a link that brought me to Steemit.
Getting to the site I realized that I have already signup to #Steemit more than a year before but I have not taken time to go back to the site to know more about the site. That is why I decided to go through steemit and learn how things works on the site and my search had been rewarding.
I look forward to greatly contributing to Steemit community and learning more.

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Thanks for your good posts, I followed you!