Saturday Shout-out with @mumma-monza

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Looking for some interesting reads? This weeks shout-out is jammed packed with the goodies!

@misslasvegas - I had sad, sad news last night and I need your help!

The loss of a life is tragic, the loss of a child is devasting. Please support fellow where you can <3 #steemitmamas

@lopzdaniel - BEWARE OF CHILDREN #5 | Learn about the most dangerous viral challenges for children and adolescents on the Internet

A shocking read for all parents on viral social media challenges that youth are participating in online. Some, even with fatal consequences.

@artisticscreech -Going Cashless and Becoming the Product

I loved reading this. Some food for thought here ladies and gentleman!

@paps - My Microdosing Experience

I found this post on @msp -curation. An interesting read on an experiment on the effects of "microdosing". What are your thoughts on this taboo practice?

@joeyarnoldvn - Selling Means Ownership?

What do you still have ownership to and who is liable? What happens with our content?

That wraps up this weeks Saturday shout-outs. I hope you enjoy these reads as much as I have!!

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