Share Sale Open - Price 1.06 Steem or 2.12 SP

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This account had a large share purchase via delegation from @kaliju, but due to his laser like focus on @dstors right now he had to pull his delegation. All his efforts and steempower are going into the dstors project. While we are sad to loose the delegation we fully understand the need for him to be fully dedicated to the efforts of such a large project.

The loss of this delegation has brought this account under our 1,000 share target minimum. We will run an ongoing share sale until this account is built back up. Each week a new post will be made with the current share price. Share price will continue to adjust with the actual account value.

Some people have asked why the price per share is higher with a delegation. The issue presented by someone pulling their delegation like what just happened is now I must go back and edit all spreadsheets, adjust all voting percentages in steemauto for everyone in the program, and when it's a larger amount like this one it effects our ability to support the redfish this program is all about...yes you shareholders get votes too but the effect on the redfish growth is more dramatic. All of this combined makes it so we need to charge a premium for delegated shares.


For those that haven't been following along here are a few posts to read:
Minnow Builder Program FAQ - Good Overview that covers enough for most people
Voting Weight, Voting Pools & Account Break Down
The Math of It All

###High Level Overview
Minnow Builder's main mission is to help create minnows and offer the opportunity for the community to help support redfish who are producing quality original content. We have created what we believe is the single best win-win for allowing people to give back to the community while still growing their own accounts.

This will be done by selling shares of @minnowbuilder2 and splitting the total voting power into 2 voting pools. One pool is designed to reward those who are supporting the project and will provide daily upvotes that are equal to 5x what a single self vote would be worth for the same amount of Steem being powered up and used in your account.

The second pool is for the Minnow Building Program and will provide daily upvotes to those who are selected until they reach minnow status. The size of this vote will greatly depend on the number of share we sell.

Cost Per Share

Price Per Share Owned (includes equal share of account growth): 1.06 Steem
Price per Share with Delegation: 2.12 SteemPower

Rules For @minnowbuilder2

Adding an Image with this info as a permanent record.

How to purchase with Steem?

2 Share Minimum (for new shareholders) due to the way SteemAuto votes...or in this case doesn't cast the votes for smaller sized shareholders.

1 Share Minimum for Current Shareholders

Send at least 2.12 Steem to @minnowbuilder2 with the memo "I understand and agree to the rules of the @minnowbuilder2 program and want to purchase XXX Shares"

Make sure to replace the XXX with the number of share you are purchasing.

If you would like to purchase shares for someone else please send steem to @minnowbuilder2 with the following memo:
"I understand and agree to the rules of the @minnowbuilder2 program and want to purchase XXX Shares for @accountname and that gifted shares are now owned by @accountname"

To be very clear the person who you buy the shares for can withdraw their shares just like anyone else as they are the owner of the share.

How to purchase with Delegation?

Each share cost 2.12sp and there is a minimum of a 2 share purchase for new shareholders (4.24sp). If you aren't sure how to delegate SP please just ask.

Please send .001 steem with the following memo:
"I understand and agree to the rules of the @minnowbuilder2 program and want to purchase XXX Shares and have sent a delegation of XXX SP for the purchase"

Make sure to replace the XXX with the number of share you are purchasing and SP sent. Remember it's 1 Share per 2sp Delegated.

To purchase shares for someone else by delegating SP please send this memo:
"I understand and agree to the rules of the @minnowbuilder2 program and want to purchase XXX Shares for @accountname and have sent a delegation of XXX SP for the purchase."

By purchasing shares with Delegation you will remain in control of your steempower and you make all decisions about the shares you are allowing someone else to benefit from. This would be the best way to help someone short term and keep control. If you need to change names of who you are sponsoring message me on Discord @thedarkhorse #6765.


Yes this is in Beta form and changes may happen or if this ends up taking over my life the program might come to an end one day. If at any time we make significant changes to the program you may request to liquidate your shares without any transaction fees. If we end the program all steem will be returned including increased account value. These may take a 13 week time frame for the powerdown and if required all benefits will stay active during that time frame.

Not Required, but Smart

While it's not required it will be highly advantageous to upvote the posts of @minnowbuilder2 and increase the rewards of the posts. As this account grows so does it's total vote adding value to not only shareholders, but also the Minnow Builder Portion of this program.

Please help us gain more exposure and resteem this post. We are trying to grow this program purely grass roots and avoid paying to promote.

Follow the account to stay informed about updates, bonus votes, and future Selling Rounds!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Can I join now by sending steem with the memo?

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Sorry replied from the wrong account, make sure to send to @minnowbuilder2 as that is the current share sale.

Purchased 100 with 106steem

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Your shares are confirmed. Currently the upvote is set at 100% as there are many people who don't post daily. This is allowing for a larger vote then each person should get. Currently your vote should be at 62.34% so it's a nice little bonus for right now.

We also have a 250sp delegation for which there was no shares issued to help boost this account. This is purely a bonus and when they decide to pull the delegation vote value will decrease. Overall it's a really good time to have shares in the Minnow Builder Accounts.

Let me know if you have an interest in any of the other accounts. I can get you the current share value at anytime. If someone has maxed out the current share sale account at 100% vote I'm willing to do the extra work to allow for further purchases.

Nice! Sure I will be interested in other accounts.

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@minnowbuilder3 share price today would be 1.05. This account is a good one to be part of, it has good support from the share holders when we post. If you are interested just send the steem to @minnowbuilder3 with the same wallet memo you used for MB2.

Side note, more you upvote our posts in the accounts you Own Shares of you are not only increasing your vote, but also your share value long term.

Thanks for the information and sent 105steem now

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Yes anyone can purchase shares currently.

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