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Tech veterans and a number of high-profile cryptocurrency companies on Tuesday said they are forming the Blockchain Association, the first fully fledged lobbying group in Washington representing entrepreneurs and investors who are building off the technology behind bitcoin.

Joining the initial push are companies such as Coinbase and Circle, which operate some of the world's most popular virtual currency exchanges, as well as the technology start-up Protocol Labs. Investors, such as Digital Currency Group and Polychain Capital, are also among the founding members.

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Gracias por mantenernos informados sobre los cambios que se producen a diario en este mundo de las crypto. Como leí hace unos días, aun estamos en pañales.

me gusta tu trabajo que realizas con las cripto a diario amiga
gracias por compartir información valiosa

Excellent information friend, hopefully the Blockchain Association, is of benefit and support for the community, interested in cryptomonedas. As always thanks for keeping the crypto news up to date, regards @melip

Pero @melip. Las cambiaria para mejor imagino, ya que hay muchos inversores muy importantes detrás de este proyecto de Asociación Blockchain

Muy interesante la información que muestras en tu post. Gracias por compartir @melip

Good informative article friend...
Thanks for sharing with us...

Am surprised such an association had not been made before. Positive sentiments

gracias @melip por mantenernos al dia con tus buenas informaciones,feliz dia amiga

Very surprised Crypto News my friend melip....very beautiful describe ❤😊❤ Excellent reporting! Thank you for giving us the truth. Great work melip!