Did you read the

yes, I did... and I am not a bot lol. I already knew that I should diversify my portfolio... none of this information is new to me. I just thought it was interesting how you think you need steem in your portfolio. I did not purchase any. I am getting free steem from here. Why are you accusing everyone of being bots... that's not nice bro.

I am not accusing anyone rather I wanna diffrenciate real commenters from bot commenters or copy and paste commenter hence the question-steemit is full of spammy comments tho.

Fair enough. I am not one to judge. I enjoyed your post. I already knew a decent amount of the information. I thought it could help others. Not a bot. Never going to be a bot. I am a living breathing human just trying to connect with everyone on here as much as I can. If you don't like that I wont comment on your posts anymore. Have a good one bro.

I like this your comment because it shows you are human...understand that many people here just copy and paste comments like follow for follow or upvote for upvote or very interesting, good post etc hence why most people respond like I a new member, see my older posts for tips on how to succeed here. I wish you success.

Okay thank you bro! I followed you and upvoted the post. Have a good one.

Welcome and more success to you....

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