The Old Dog Explains: This Gift Packs a Punch!

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My wife excitedly phoned me at my office and declared: "Another package has arrived for you! It says right on it for The Old Dog @kus-knee. It's from Hungary!"

It was big and produced a rattle but what was it? You have me sooooo curious @kalemandra!

Yes indeed, one of my Steemit friends @kalemandra had messaged me saying that she'd like to send me something! She's one of the Steem blockchain's talented artists and describes herself like this:

@kalemandra: Dreamweaver and lightbender. Photography, drawing, painting, singing

Steem Produces Far More Thank Cyber Fun And Profit!

You've got to admit that Steemit is much more than a cyber universe but that more and more it metamorphosizes into physical goods whether through gifts or commerce. That's cool!

How I Got to Know @kalemandra

@kalemandra first wowed me when she won round 3 of my contest featuring The Mundane as Art. In the category of Damaged Asphalt she produced this masterpiece!

I love what she did with this photograph of some damaged asphalt!

Here's The Punch Packing Gift!

Wow, I'm not sure what I did to deserve this love and attention but thank you so much @kalemandra!

Inside the box was a lovely gift bag with a window in it. I quickly dug inside and pulled out these two unique products!

An original gift from an original Steemer @kalemandra. We love hot stuff that packs a punch in this house so I can't wait to try these two products with my family!

Thanks again @kalemandra for thinking of me and for the time and expense involved in sending me this package!

I hope that you enjoyed this article about A Gift That Packs a Punch!

Until next time, 

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)  

Let's Succeed Together!

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Wohooo! That's great! I hope you'll love the chili sauce and red wine gelée. I already tasted them, and they are fantastic! Wine gelée is for sweets like ice-cream, and chili is of course for salty gourmet food. I've bought them from a very kind couple who grow organic chili peppers near Székesfehérvár (Seregélyes). They won prizes on gourmet contests. Their homepage: (sorry, only in Hungarian)
The names of chili sauces speaks for themselves: Harakiri, FCKN HOT, Chilagra, Kamikaze, Yakuza :DDD


Wow, steemit is truly a place of making and connecting with new people and with time, they become friends


Thanks again!

That's really so sweet. The Steem community is growing into more than just an online crypto community.
Chilli sauce with CANNABIS...looks like something I'd really want to try out.


Yea, same here 👍🏾


Ill let you know how the taste test goes?

Hey @kus-knee, just to let you know that my cards arrived. I received a text from my office that they arrived about two weeks ago and I have been travelling around. So once I return to Abuja, I'll pick it up. This is just to let you know that it arrived. Can't wait to hold this in my hands.


Great! What a relief for us!

What a gift from this amazing steemian @kalemandra, I don’t mind some gifts lol, just joking.

@kalemandra: Dreamweaver and lightbender. Photography, drawing, painting, singing

I’d love to get to know this amazing steemian who actually have a common interest which is singing. I hope to learn more and maybe work together with such an amazing steemian


Yes she's a steady talent!

Mmmmhh molto interessante!!! Facci poi sapere come sono ;-)
Saluti dal manichino :-)

Welcome back after 7 days sir, glad to see have a beloved friend like @kalemandra. An original steemian :p
I'm going to follow her for sure.
@kalemandra you got a new follower ;)


Yes, I can't seem to get onto Steemit much these days. Too much work in my other world! :(


Don't be sad, hopefully, You'll be free soon and you'll be here posting daily :)


Thanks for the encouragement!


My prayers and support is always with you brother :)
God bless you always @kus-knee

What a gift and what a surprise! 👍🏾👍🏾


Yes it was cool!

Such a thoughtful gift. You are a lucky god today. Some crumpets might be in order to go with the jelly:)


I'll try your suggestion!

Very beautiful post sir.
I.m new joining the steemit


Welcome to Steemit!

You deserve a lots of love and respect because of being so kind and supportive @kus-knee. I liked your article a lot . Thanks for sharing. Always thankful to @mathworksheets for supporting me and encouraging me to be a part of steemit and to follow one of great steemian like you. So glad to find you here on steemit.


Thanks so much for your kind words!


Its my pleasure @kus-knee :):)

What a lovely gift and surprise @kus-knee.

That was so thoughtful of you @kalemandra. 😊


Yes it was great!

That was so thoughtful of @kalemandra to do that. Steemians are kind and generous people that we all appreciate. Thanks @kus-knee


Your observations is very astute!

We do good actions on many occasions without realizing it, I think you know it! You are an incredible being and if you did not know it now you already know it! We are many people who appreciate you
congratulations dear friend @ kus-knee for the beautiful gift received. you have it more than deserved.
I wish you a great week


Thanks so much. Please let me know if and when your package arrives!


just this way here I leave a message on steemitchat

wuao great detail dear friend, enjoy your sauces
that looks great


I hope to do so!

WOW! This is a really nice present!!! It's good for sure :-D


Yes indeed!

@kalemandra when i'm getting a gift from you? :p
@kus-knee you are lucky to a sweet friend like @kalemandra ;)


Yes it was unexpected for sure!

That is a wondeful gift by @kalemandra. Great post @kus-kness best of regards



Unexpected and sudden gifts are always a source of happiness and joy ;)


They sure are!

This is one of the best parts about steem and steemit. No other crypto has this type of community. Great to see


Yes the community is amazing!

Steemit is a really a great place unlike other social space. I won a contest online and had the price sent to me at no fee
A 5g pamp Gold inside the package

Glad to be here


Wow! Pamp Gold! The factory is 5 minutes from my house! That's a great prize!!!!

@kalemandra, cheers! What a friend, what a gesture, the bond that steemit tends to bring is even more than any social media will boast of, and she's completely taken away by this amazing gesture, it took your contest to become friends, and I must say her package to you is amazing, who doesn't love the old dog? You're an amazing steemian, I'm glad you're unboxing. Cheers!


Thanks for your kind words!

Great gifts you got this is definitely a great punch of joy :D


Yes it was a nice surprise!

You totally deserve this. Your influence spreads like fragrance. Little wonder everyone likes you sir. I hope to be able to get you a gift one day too. Well done sir and keep doing what you are doing sir. You are a blessing.

Stay awesome @kalemandra.


Thanks for your kind comment!


You are most welcome sir.

Che bel regalo!!!
Sembrano degli ottimi prodotti!!
Buona mangiata in famiglia! Gustateveli!!


Yes we'll be sure to enjoy them!

You gift look so hot and beautiful. The steemian @kalemandra so sweet who sent you a nice gift. Can you send me the gift like this? 😁


Yes hot and beautiful! Let's hope that it doesn't burn my tongue!

Amigo @kus-knee que esas cremas con los masajes te puedan relajar y gracias a la amiga @kalemandra por facilitarte las cremas


So true!

The love in steemit community is spreading in the nicest possible way and that was really a sweet gesture for sure.

Let this love get viral in coming days


What you write is soooo tru!

wow,very nice !


Yes it was quite exciting to get it in the mail!

That's great! Resteemed it . Thanks


Thanks so much!

Yet another happy story of how Steemit has the power to improve and enrich folks lives :) Good share, Old Dog!


Thanks a lot!

Ahhh, how great that is - she is lovely @kalemandra - and I am so guilty for not reading the valuable stuff you and many others provide on this platform @kus-knee.


Your new avatar is scaring me!


Why is that Master of Bones :-)?

Steemit: Bringing the world together one post at a time!


For sure!

Wow, it's heart warming, you've got best follower on steemit.@kalemandra it's loveable to see people like you in this community and this gift makes me believe more in the steem community. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment with us Sir @kus-knee, hopefully someday I'll meet you at dinner 😇


Yes maybe we'll meet one day!

This is amazing sir thanks a lot for sharing.

The office content will be good. But the time has changed. Now you can buy the same online

Score! It really is as pleasing to send a gift as it is getting one! There is a lot of fun in contemplating if you chose the right thing.

That was an awesome thing for Kalamandra to do and I am sure she was tickled pink that you liked it!

You will have to let us know how they taste!

That's a thoughtful and sweet gesture. It's great how steemit brings each other closer together through acts like this. Those are really interesting gifts.

I think it's very wonderful to receive a gift from another country! You can plunge into its traditions and culture, in your case, even taste the taste of this country))). You are a sympathetic and good person, so the universe gives you such gifts @kus-knee.

Nothing beats gifts in the mail! Got my books a couple of weeks ago and it felt great!

this gift is very charming that's fantastic
they look very rich friend you enjoy them honey
good night

Great show, I like it!