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Like the way of Cain they came;
Like the ways of Ballam they schemed.
Bringing carmels and sheeps and cows like the Maghreb of the Saheels.
They shout Anlahakubaru!: the shouts of godly victory.
But colonialism, religious and military occupation are the eyes under the needle.
One would have thought by observing that they share a relative bloodline in deeds and behavior with their beasts.
Nevertheless, the mystic spirit of cow-like attributes projects the foundations of rudderless.

Show them democracy, they'll rather choose dictatorship;
Show them leadership, they'll rather choose oligarchy;
Show them the way to wealth, they'll rather stay in the babariga of their plutocrat leaders;
Show them the way to balanced education, they'll rather prefer the bow and arrows of seventh century warfare.

When i look at them:
I see the ways of ashteroth,
The error of the hydra-headed baal;
The Practices of antediluvian religiosity.
What joy would a man derive from the killing of a fellow man?
What would a man derive from the maiming of a fellow citizen?
A sane mind would rather see the insanity of this practice, let alone the religious mind

By these, peace is far from them
Hope floats above their ceilings
Love dilates only within the shadows of their hearts;
Happiness becomes the dung that drives them away from its circle.
Life becomes the very hell of mother earth.

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