Is the END Near for the FED?

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JFK knew now it's time for YOU to know:

WORLD RESET was agreed upon June 2015, systematic take down of the banking system by bringing in your own.

On November 28th, 2015, Alaska State Judge Anna von Reitz (Anna Maria Riezinger) addressed an open letter to all federal agents, including the FBI and US Marshals to arrest Congress, the President and the Secretary of the Treasury. She goes into incredible detail on the fraud that has been committed. Anyone who reads this is sure to learn at least something. Here is the pdf you can open:

Putin and the BRICS are cornering the cabal financially, politically and militarily. It's just a matter of time for Americans to share this Truth to free their minds and selves.


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we need more judge anna's! good read :)


Now that's what I call a