Gregorypatrick on Hangin' with WHO with Movement19 - - HashKings Debut - Truth Decentralized Special Broadcast 3/22/2019

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When @Movement19 told me he was coming back to spend more time on Steemit it made my day. He is a great host and a lot of fun to hang out with so I was more than happy to come hang out last night when he invited a few of his friends to come onto P.A.L. to catch up.

I got to spend about a half an hour with @Pennsif, @OneMedia, @MakinStuff, @JonYouDyer and of course @Movement19 and chat about some of the upcoming things that are to be a part of the Steemit community real soon.

I was able to represent #informationwar and our work on Steemit but if you know the rest of this crew, you'll know everyone of us is involved in a project to make the site a bigger and better place so we all can have the most positive experience we can here.

Please check it out, we had a good time.

Speaking of the great people who are working hard to @GHRO the site, my buddy @Qwoyn launched his brand new game @HashKings last night as well. I'm over there getting my seeds in the beautiful digital soil and soaking in the pleasant atmosphere right now and hope you come hang out too.

This post explains a lot about the game, please give it a read and see how it all works.

Thanks for reading, Truth Decentralized is going to be back on P.A.L. tonight, Saturday the 23rd, at 11pm UTC with @TruthForce, come hang out and let us know what's been on your mind this week.



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