Do you want more contest and chances to win SBD and Steem? Check out @playonsteem

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Just Launched!


@kaliju, @roundbeargames and I are working hard to bring a one stop shop entertainment hub to the Steemit Community. We are pleased to announce that yesterday we officially launched the account @playonsteem and made the first post and contest Welcome to PlayOnSteem - Let's Play a Game!

We have some pretty big plans in the works for PlayOnSteem, from competitive multiplayer games on the Steemit blockchain, where you can wager against one another, and the winner takes all, to very frequent contests and challenges to earn SBD, Steem or Steem Basic Income shares.

We just want to bring the fun back to the platform. So many people are logging in right now and getting frustrated with post rewards because of the market being low, so we are offering a way to engage with the platform in a new and interesting way and have fun while you earn some rewards.

My Deranged Photography Contests are going to be staying here on this account, but there may be some photography contests on the @playonsteem account as well, but trust me, they won't be like the contests I am currently running. Our team is very creative and we will be coming up with many different and exciting ways for you to have a good time.

So what do I need from you all?


Well since @playonsteem is a new account, it is lonely and needs some followers and upvotes. So you all should head over there and follow that account so you are notified when a new contest or update is posted so you don't miss out on a chance to win anything.

What's in if for you?

I am going to be giving away from 5 shares of Steem Basic Income to people that comment on this post and participate in the posts over the next week that are on the @playonsteem account.

@good-karma has created a Random Comment Picker for Steemit and I will pick one random comment from this post and a random comment from each post on the @playonsteem account until 5 shares of SBI have been picked. This will all be done at post payout of this post.

Rules, yep rules for this contest too

  • Must be a comment from a real person and not a spam account.
  • Comment must be about the actual post and not some random off topic comment.
  • Must be a follower of the @playonsteem account to be eligible to win.

I think that should be enough rules. Basically comment on this post, comment on @playonsteem posts (you can win prizes by doing that in the contests there too), don't be a spammer, and follow @playonsteem. Too easy.

All SBD rewards from this post will be sent the @playonsteem account to build up the treasure chest. Liquid Steem reward will be used to purchase SBI shares for the winners of the Comment and Follow Contest.

Thank you for checking out this post and learning about the new community project @playonsteem. If you are interested in sponsoring any of the contests or becoming a supporter of the project, you can contact me, @kaliju or @roundbeargames in Discord. Or you could delegate right here if you would like to become a sponsor, you can do so by clicking on the following links:
50 SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP,5000SP.

All delegations and donations will go towards rewarding the community.


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awesome concept. hope it takes off ( heard about via PYPT)

MAn you keep surprising me with all that you do! You are a super machine doing all this, your contests plus your work and school and your family. You must have some made organizing/managing skills to make it all work! I would be frantic!

Ok I am heading out to check it all out. It sounds very exciting. I will help spread the word ^_^

As always, your hard work for the community is much appreciated @derangedvisions :-) This to seems a wonderful project; followed and upvoted. I'll have to find time, but I'm eager to see this lift off!

i think so i am real person (i hope), and yes i started following @playonsteem :)

awesome project to utilize the steem blockchain.. 😁

It's a great project.
and I think this will be so challenging.

Congrats on he launch of this new project. I am in favour of anything that gets users in the platform engaged both worth the platform and with each other. On my way to check out the first post. Good luck and I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for contests.

Heeeey - this is fun! I'm all for some light-hearted contests and games in times like these - too many people feel down :-)

Curious to see the games that will pop up!

Sounds like a great project!! Having more fun is always a good thing and a chance to win SBD, Steem or SBI!! I'm in!! Looking forward to having more fun and participating so definitely following!! ❤

@derangedvisions, your desire to make everyone here happy in your own way is amazing. You've pushed me already to bargain for a good camera and I'll start gearing up for photo-contests. Meanwhile, welcome onboard @playonsteem.

Thank you @kaliju, @roundbeargames and @derangedvisions for this.

broo! this is fantastic!! you are pushing forward steem to a new awesome direction, this will help a lot of people!! 100% supporting it

Everything that is positive for the community must be received in a good way.
This initiative sees a great future. I hope that thousands of users will soon be supporting everything. Regards!


Congrats! You have been chosen randomly to win 1 share of @steembasicincome.



How lucky I am. Thank you very much.
But I have not received the prize yet.


Great project and yes I would like more contests.

Great initiative the project is having great potential too. Beat wishes to the whole team.

Such a cool idea I hope it gains traction

Fabulous! The best of luck on your new initiative! I am following you, but I do hope you will return to PYPT regularly (or at least periodically!) with updates for us!  superhappy.png

I'm up for all these amazing challenges, Wes! I'm following @playonsteem and excited about what is coming up! Cheers to you and your creative mind!


Congrats. Your comment has been randomly selected to win 1 share of @steembasicincome!



Wow, thanks so much, Wes! And I thought I wasn't a lucky person a all for lotteries and lucky draws! Cheers, my friend!

Let’s make steem strong together.