the Daily “Spotlight” ~ @lyndsaybowes

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What is This?

Everyday I will Choose one Post to Upvote at 100% Power.


Who Qualifies?

Anyone with Original Content.


Do I need to Use a Special Tag or Upvote This Post?



Why am I Doing This?

To “Shine a Light On” and/or Reward Good Content!


Who is in Today’s “Spotlight”?

~ @lyndsaybowes ~

Click here 👉"Ulog ~ 1 ~ Monkeying Around On the Homestead With Boys, Plants & Flowering Trees"




👇Previous Steemians in the Daily “Spotlight”👇













Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos!

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Congratulations to the winner. We rise by lifting others.

I wish to win one day. Congratulation to the winner . Thanks @daveks

Congrats @lyndsaybowes

super great idea, I love that.

I like your words. Let's see that I'm dreaming about the 100% vote. Can i see

Aw!! Thanks so much for the honour, this really made my night happy! xoxo


Keep up the outstanding work!


The sad thing is though that heajin will probably come along on day 6 and take away all your upvotes, I hope not though, time will tell, and congratulations for being chosen good lady.


No no, he waits until day 7 :) Almost 2 months of it now, all good, I'm not gonna stop being me <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thanks for the loving good vibes @deliberator <3 xo


Very sad, and the only bonus is it gives him a little less to upvote himself to 100%.


So happy for youuuuuuu 💜
Was great to see this tonight!! 🙌🐣🎶