My Girlfriend & Her Band were victims of THEFT!

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Someone broke into my girlfriend Tessa's car while she was in playing a gig with her band in Washington, D.C.



Steemians, I need your help...

This is not something I have ever had to do in my life, in fact I am not very comfortable with it. I am in dire need of assistance from my fellow friends of Steem. This is probably the worst time something like this could happen, considering we are all enduring such low market values right now. I however still have faith in this community to have my back & help me get my girlfriend and her band back on their feet during their weakest times.


Is trust a real thing anymore?

Almost two weeks ago something terrible happened. My wonderful girlfriend Tessa's car window was shattered and thieves ransacked her Subaru for all of her band's valuables (besides their instruments.) She was with Big Possum Stringband playing some #oldtime tunes at a show in Washington, D.C. & while on stage they were alerted by management that their had been a crime outside. The band was nearing the end of a tour of the east coast of the United States where they had the opportunity to play for people of all walks of life. It couldn't have happened at a worse time.



Remember this post?


Tessa is so talented, but right now she is so devastated that playing her music is far from the first thing on her mind. Her insurance is not covering all of the lost items & the band does not have the spare funds to replace the things that were stolen. Tessa has even been driving around with cardboard on her window while it has been snowing here in the mountains of #appalachia. We are in a really tough spot here, This is why I am making this blog post on Steemit. I have vowed to do what I can to make this situation as tolerable as possible for them.



We have set up a fundraiser for the band which you can visit here.
The full details of the story and the items that were lost are available there. If you do have the chance to donate, feel free to leave a comment letting us know you found the fundraiser on Steem. We would love to thank you for your kindness.



Many Thanks to the Steem Family.

My deepest gratitude to anyone who has taken the time to read this story. A #resteem would mean so much even if you are not able to donate.

It is terrible news for us here at home, I feel for the band and Tessa so much. It upsets me that I was not able to be there with them, I can't help but think what I maybe could have done if I were outside when the thieves happened upon the parked vehicle. Something similar to a bull run I am sure. Despite all of this negativity, we remain positive and will not give up. The band looks forward to another tour in February.


Visit Big Possum Stringband on Facebook.


Best Regards,




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OMG I just saw this post, how terrible for your girlfriend and the other band members to have this happen while they were onstage playing. I have shared the go fund me link to our oldtime group page on Facebook and I will try to make a donation next week, if I can pay from an Australian bank account. I really feel for them, loosing the computers and hard drives is really a blow that no amount of money can ever replace. So sad that our world has people who have no regard for others. I will resteem as well.🎻


It really was shocking to everyone, never saw this coming.
Thank you so much for sharing in your group, that really means a ton to us.
Any help at all will never be forgottten. It really is a difficult world we live in, luckily there are still many good people left. Things can only go up from here.

very sorry to hear of your gals trouble. Maybe a tour out west at the bluegrass festivals will help them this spring. I'm a musician as well as other things so, I understand. Hope this helps, keep going.

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The band is actually planning on going to...

CROMA (Central Rockies Old Time Music Assocation) in Berthoud, Colorado.
Berkeley Old Time Music Convention in Berkeley California.
Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend, Washington.
Mud City Old Time Gathering in Eugene, Oregon.


Perhaps you will be at one of those locations when their band is!

Well my friend I am in a bad situation too but I understand how is that feeling. It would be a pleasure to me helping you! Sorry I can't transfer any dolar to that website I am from venezuela and the goverment don't aloud us to do that.

But I send you 20 steem to colaborate, I know is not a huge amount but i hope it helps!


Thank you for being so understanding of this situation. I hope whatever it is you are going through becomes easier for you to tolerate. Your generosity towards us will not be forgotten.

It is fine that you cannot donate via GoFundMe. A Steem transfer is most convenient for us here I know.

I will be sure to follow you & add you to my voting list. Thanks again so much, this means a lot 👏


Don't worry , I like to make new friends across the world

Well the situation here in my country is not good at this moment, but I am a true believer in that what you gives to life, life brings you back!

I am truly happy to help you God bless you


Oh yes, I didn’t know you meant the status of your country overall. I know it is difficult times there. I can only imagine how rough it hasn’t made your life at times.

I will be keeping you and the rest of the Venezuelan people in my thoughts.


Do you have whastapp? Mine is 04143113574


Yes I do. But I haven’t used it in a long time. So I’m not sure how to add you on there.

I am so sorry to read this. Happened to me too. Window was broken and my car was cleaned out. It is beyond frustration, because you understand that there is nothing you can do. I hope your post will help you, although these are tough times for almost everyone. Best of luck.


I appreciate your condolences.
I’m sure you know the feeling pretty well having gone through the same thing. A complete violation of ones privacy/security.

really sorry for what happend and i really wish that the fund raising will help you out...i also have been in your spot a couple months back...waken up at 3 am being kicked out for no reason in mid town basingstoke uk...i really pray you guys will be fine and take


Thank you for your kind thoughts. This alone means so much to us.
We will survive through this. We are tough & have each other still.

I can only imagine how that must have felt for you. Probably pretty traumatic, but you too stayed resilient and are still here today. That gives us the hope we need to keep going.


no one should ever give up easy. if you fall down, breathe deep and get up again....i really am sorry i cant help with much but maybe a good are allowed to scream, you are allowed to cry..but no matter what you are not allowed to give up....dont be sad for what have been grateful for what still is...value that.....i left italy to live in the uk... start a new life new friends new work new horizons...but i have been so badly injured that when i think about it...i came in the uk a happy soul....soon i will be leaving as a broken man...but i will not stop at nothing. going forward is the only way


Those are some very wise words.
Even when wounded, you can still deliver!

I have faith that you will be a happy soul once again in the future. We’ve got this! 🙌

This is really sad :(


Yes it’s not the greatest thing, but we are making the best of it that we can.

Damn that sucks. Best of luck with the fundraiser. Musicians are already underpaid as it is, hate to hear this happen. Hopefully the full amount is raised and maybe you can someday get some of the equipment back.


Indeed, this is not the best situation. However nobody here gives up.

I agree, they are not nearly paid enough, considering they are such great entrainment.

We appreciate you thinking of us in this difficult time.

I am not of much help monetarily speaking. The only thing I could do is upvote you and wish you all the best of luck! Remember that stuff is just that "stuff!" You still have your life and with some effort you'll rebuy and repair what you have lost. Besides, you have a gorgeous girlfriend and the band members that need your support right now. Don't complain, it doesn't lead you anywhere, just get busy and help the others overcome this. Best of luck buddy!

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Your words alone are more help than no action at all. Thank you for the best wishes.

I am in total agreement with you in regards to the stuff just being “stuff”. It’s just not as easy for my lady, considering she lost things such as music recordings, all of her family photos, and all her backups.

I know complaining doesn’t lead anywhere but a dead end. So I’m working with her the best that I can to keep her in a positive state of mind & just starting fresh with new items whenever they are financially possible.

I am thankful that neither her or any of her band mates were injured. That is what is most important.

It's a beautiful story @daltono . Congratulations to you, the team @steemit.


I don’t know if I would call the story beautiful. Perhaps motivating.

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by.

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someone stole my lighter last night


Dang, sorry to hear about your loss 🚬

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