I want to add more MINNOWS to my upvote list

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Who Deserves My Upvote?



I need some reccomendations...

I spend time daily manually curating content. Plus I already have a lot of people who I support with my upvote automatically using SteemVoter.com I still wish to help more people grow here on Steem. So I thought it would make sense to take advantage of the other auto vote service SteemAuto.com.

I will be adding more people to the new list on SteemAuto, but at a lower percentage than the people I already support with SteemVoter as to not drastically change what vote those users are used to receiving from me. The users I am voting for regularly now are mostly people who I have known on here from the start. So I am asking those same people (and others too) to help me find some new users (preferably with low Steem Power) to help gain more strength here on Steem.


What I am asking for...

Make a post about one of your friends or a new user on Steem, tell my why you think they deserve more votes on their posts. What makes them so dedicated & unique. Then comment a link to that post here on this post so that I am fully aware of your recommendation.

If you don't have time to make a post but still want to recommend somebody, you can still leave a comment on this post. However do not leave a long list of people. Limit to just a couple of recommendations.

Resteeming this post will also be great if you do not mind doing that.


Thanks for helping your fellow Steemians...

I look forward to visiting the new profiles and possibly even adding them to my auto vote list. I really am excited about being able to spread my vote out even more across the blockchain. Of course I will still be doing manual curation, I just don't always get the chance to do that quite as much as I would like.






Best Regards,



I would love for this blog to be seen to some of my friends, so I am tagging you here at the bottom of the post...

@adelepazani, @everlove, @reinhard-schmid, @surfyogi, @chrisdyer, @adammillwardart, @kaliptus, @angelacs, @polebird, @hustletoparadise, @joetunex, @thedoodle, @anneporter, @artzanolino, @blinks, @freedompoint, @linakay, @katrina-ariel, @enginewitty, @liberty-minded, @freedomtowrite, @jonny-clearwater, @instructor2121, @sircork, @steemcafe, @eveuncovered, @oldtimer, @ctrl-alt-nwo, @kommienezuspadt, @theycallmedan, @zpzn, @taskmaster4450, @rok-sivante, @podanrj, @conradsuperb, @krnel, and @enjoycompany

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The very first person I'd recommend is @mermaidvampire, so I second and fully endorse @meetmysuperego's earlier recommendation.

@daltono, @mermaidvampire runs a daily splitter contest that spreads the little upvotes it gets between all the participants. Her motto is that 'everybody wins'. She inspires, uplifts and works sooooo very hard every day to spread what little cheer she can via these tiny payments she makes manually to everyone, telling them they are a Winner in each and every memo she sends.

It's AMAZING the work that she does and her attitude of kindness and sharing that she's been actively putting in to action all these months since I first met her.

@mermaidvampire is based in the Philippines and is a huge help in spreading cheer and crypto rewards to her fellow Steemians from her nation. But she also inspires so many Steemians from all over the world. All this while she gets regular dialysis treatment every week.

If you can add her to your autovote list, I and all her fans and supporters will be forever grateful. And you can be assured that your autovote will be supporting her but also all the countless persons she supports via her sharing of her splitter contest post rewards. xxx

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PSSST... @mermaidvampire

I would also like @mermaidvampire to be nominated for this! She is absolutely awesome and is constantly trying to help the community. A vote for @mermaidvampire is A VOTE NOT WASTED

#mermaidvampireforsteemit2020 #karenforned2020 #vampire2020

P.S. If you don't choose @mermaidvampire, could you please direct me to your complaints department! Hahaha!

Hahaha, @cadawg. Your hashtags are funny, this looks more like a tweet than a Steemit comment. But thanks for the vote of confidence. Hahahaha!

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

#that #was #the #point #chiliconkarenfortwitter2020 #chiliconkaren via @tweetmeteor on twitter By @cadawg & the TweetMeteor Team

P.S. A few votes for @cadawg wouldn't go amiss =)

Hey @cadawg, I just added you to my voting list. I hope to see you posting more in the near future, you seem like a cheerful & funny person.

Thanks! Wasn't expecting that! :)

I like finding users like yourself who take the time to find important posts.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

I can officially tell you that I met @mermaidvampire by commenting on her IntroduceYourself Post Here: A Kidney for Karen and Everyone Who Needs A Kidney

Via Blatent Self Promotion of SteemAllPosts PLEASE CLICK

The Moment:

I will not forget that

LOVE your sense of humor, @cadawg!!! ;) And so happy @daltono added you to his autovote list too. Yayyy!!!

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Thank you, @angelacs. My little community of red fishes joining my 2 daily games sure do need help and this gesture by you is surely appreciated. Keep steeming and see you around here more often. Thanks again!

You're very Welccome, @mermaidvampire.

Getting this support from @daltono would be very good for you and your contest and other communities that you support in your posts.

He has supported me via his upvote for a longggg time and I appreciate him and his interesting posts very much. He's the very first yogi I met here on Steem and he also has a heart of gold so it would be a very good, Win/Win match for you both. ;)

Thank you for the info and support. I know Steemit has a lot of great people in it, it's nice for us to be all connected in this platform. I gave him a follow and pretty sure I'll check him often. All the best to you, @angelacs. See you around, too!

I agree with you Maam @angelacs

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@olivia08, I just added you to my voting list. I hope this encourages you even more to stay active here on Steem.

Perfect, @daltono!!! LOVE how you're rewarding the supporting Steemians who make the time to engage and travel around our STEEM ocean.

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Sir @daltono I never stop posting everyday since I joined Steemit,how much more that I know you who is willing to support us. I just recommended @mermaidvampire because she really deserves this.My pleasure and gratitude,SALUTE YOU!
You make steemit alive.God bless

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Great to hear you do not struggle with staying motivated!
Keep it up 😁

Thanks for agreeing and also lending your voice to endorsing @mermaidvampire, @olivia08. I'm SOOOO very happy that @daltono also added you to his voting list.

Thanksssss, @daltono!!!!

And so very lovely to see you, @olivia08. How have you been?

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I'm fine and thank you so much for your endorsement.,I can't contain my feeling that I am also included. My gratitude to @daltono and you Ma'am, @angelacs.I can't forget how you laughed in discord before.

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I remember those discord Saturday night get-togethers with great fondness too, @olivia08. Thank you again for all you did and do for the entire community, You are a Blessing to all of us. xxx

You are so welcome

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Oh hi, yeah sure with @mermaidvampire, cheers!

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Thanks for the resteem! I just added you to my voting list, so you should start receiving some consistent support from me. Lets get you to reputation 60 by the new year!

That is something to be grateful for...thanks a lot, more abundance to come along your way, salute!

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Indeed! :)

Thanks @angelacs, I knew I could trust your judgement. I just added @mermaidvampire to my list.

You're very welcome, @daltono and Thank you! My pleasure to introduce @mermaidvampire and to assist you in this wonderful initiative. Bless you.

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First of all Kudos for your thought to help out some minnows! :D
I would like to refer @loveisintheair for your voting list , great foodphotography blog & content creator

Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I will check out their profile and your profile.

Thanks Cheers !

Hello there @daltono, I want to recommend @zephalexia. She also runs a contest to help some undervalued steemians without support. In present situations i know some steemians are having a bad time posting here in steemit. They dont know if there post will be notice or will have some comments.

So i hope you can also include her in your upvote list , she can help more undervalued steemians. thanks.

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I wil add her, and I will also add you.
I am doing it right now actually.

Thank you very much @daltono. More power to you!! 😊😊😊

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Hey @daltono

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to curate manually.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my dad's blog @jakesdewet I do the posting for him, but all the work is his. He is a nature photographer from South Africa. His work is unbelievable and he often sells his work for upwards of $100 equivalent in our fiat. For a single shot and you can attest to the quality.

He is not as motivated and inspired as I am about steemit. But when his posts with multiple pics only make a few dollars. I don't see him getting interested in sharing more often.

He has seen a curation from curie. And thousands of upvotes. But those he gets on other platforms where his few old friends see his things. If you and your friends can help him out it will motivate him to share more here and in turn we can have some of the best African wildlife on the web!

I often use my steem to promote his blog, because he does not yet see the benefits of investing. He is a successful CEO and he only does photography on his off time. It is his dream to travel more and get more views on his work and if you could make that happen, that would be awesome.

I only seen benefits for all.


This was his latest post, I promise you will be impressed.

Kind regards!

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I am happy to see someone encouraging their father to get active here. It seems like he has some talents & must be a good dad too to raise a thoughtful boy like yourself. I just added both of you to my voting list. I look forward to seeing more of both of your work.

This is a good initiative. I'd like to recommend @mermaidvampire. I'll try to make a post later.

She is helping so many red fishes and minnows right now through her daily games. She distributes the prices to everyone. If its a @mermaidvampire game, it means everybody wins. No losers.

She's currently supporting about 100+ accounts in her SteemAuto. She motivates people to keep steeming, and is very generous with her knowledge on how we can grow here in Steemit.

If you have time please do visit her account. Helping her means helping us red fishes/minnows. She's gonna be worth your time. =)

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Thank you, @meetmysuperego. I really appreciate this.

Seconded the motion

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I love this!

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Several people recommended her. I love her user name too, so I did end up adding her to my voting list. I also just added you @meetmysuperego, I look forward to watching you continue to grow here on this platform.

I am here to say the same about @mermaidvampire. She has been very helpful to the platform and the small frys of Steemit. She gets no support from big fishes yet she keeps giving almost all her payouts to her game contestants. She has 2 games currently running daily and in both games, no one loses. She could do more with a little help. Thanks!

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I agree with you Sir. She needs to be recognized by the whale

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Thanks! many recommendations for her. I added her to my list. I also added you, thanks for sticking around!

Thank you so much!

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Certainly So!

What a good steemit Samaritan!!

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I know if we all do our part this community will be impenetrable!

I really like @nikolina @injiskitchen @putu300 to name a few. I think they bring a lot of charisma, passion, and love for the communities they are involved in and the steemit community altogether 💪🏻

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  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Hi @daltono, I'm for @mermaidvampire, she has exerted efforts for red fishes and planktons and everyone to keep on steeming by creating contents thru her contest. She's very optimistic with the steemit platform. Thank you and more power!

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Might I suggest @xcountytravelers, @crescendoofpeace and @thekittygirl😎

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Thanks man! I knew you would have some great recommendations. I just added all 3 of these users to my voting list. @xcountytravelers, @crescendoofpeace and @thekittygirl

THANK YOU @enginewitty & @daltono 😃

You are so very welcome

Oh my goodness! Thank you so very much! Scott and I appreciate it so very, very much!

Excellent, they all have been very dedicated and deserve some extra love😎🤗

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Thank you sweet friend! That is just so lovely for you to do!

Anytime hun😎

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Yeah! Glad to hear that many are recommending @mermaidvampire for she is a truly kindhearted person, she has done so much for the steemit community and gave us all fun with her daily contests. She is very witty and she has a heart for the needy. @daltono ...Please include her in your list. Many thanks!

So I see. Many are talking about her. It’s great to build a strong reputation and friendship with hard working people.

@daltono, I wish I could be among the lucky one to get an upvote from you if God almighty destiny it, because I also want to be a giver of upvote one day.

You were just added to my voting list. Being lucky and hard-working come hand in hand sometimes.

Should I power down to became a minnow? Great initiative! Beginners need a lot of help nowadays!

@jwolf that's how much Steemit.The people are so nice.Let us help Steemit , not only for the figure of value but the value of helping each other, sharing love building this community awesome.

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Hmmm. Trying to swim your way into some upvotes I see.. I like your style.

Thanks for stopping by, lets keep building this community!

you make avatar? I want one pleaseeeee 😊

I use an app called Bitmjoi.
You should download it. It’s in the App Store for apple products, google play also has it, then there are also browser plugins so you can easily use on your computer after you create your character on your mobile device.

ah ok, thank you very much 😉

Yes of course :)

Honestly, even If I am into a really bad time, there are newbies on steemit which need upvotes more than me! They need to see steemit it's not all about bots...

I’ll still be adding you to my list. Won’t be able to hand out 100% votes, but any vote is better than none.

Thanks for the follow, I must have you a follow back!

Greetings, what a good initiative, your gesture is very nice ... I recommend @theonlyway. His publications are very interesting Christian messages and he also has very good creativity ... by the way this week he completed a year in steemit and published a contest to win a steem. You can participate Happy day.

I just added you both to my voting list! thanks for commenting on this post!

Thanks... can I recommend 1 more person?
my friend @tamaxadi, she is new and you know how it is when you start, it is difficult what they vote for one ... Thank you.

Thanks for the recommendation. I will check out your friend very soon ☺️

This is a wise idea, @daltano.

Thank you! I hope to help many. I just added you to my voting list, thanks for interacting.

This is a great time to support minnows think. We need to build the Steemit community!

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I'm glad we can agree! I just added you to my voting list. Lets get to creating now!

Great thanks a lot mate!

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certainly :)

Please I've been on here for awhile i will start posting again starting tonight. So please Upvote me😎

I just added you to my voting list. I hope this encourages you to start posting more often!

It's early morning here and I saw your post. It just made my mind refreshed. As a minnow I couldn't build a community yet, struggling to make people comment on my blog.
I'm trying my best and people like you inspires me.
Thank you for that.
If you have time, you can take a look at my latest blog. https://steemit.com/life/@rem-steem/my-spiritual-journey-my-realization

I also resteemed your post.

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Thanks for the resteem! I just added you to my voting list.

You could add @smallsasha to your list. She is a travel blogger and you could have true adventurous experience of life by visiting her blog.

I love traveling. I just added @smallsasha to my voting blog.

Thanks for the reply! I also added you to my list @bluemist

You deserve more gratitude for this!

More minnows deserve to see what the deeper parts of the ocean are like.

"lucky14" needs your help !!

I just added you to my voting list. Lucky Day!

Saludos. Muy interesante. soy nueva y no tengo mucha popularidad, tampoco estoy siendo muy votada, por lo que necesito que me apoyes. así que, francamente. me auto postulo. gracias amigo. motívame... @marisolana @lorennys @steemchurch

Translation : "Greetings. Very interesting. I am new and I do not have much popularity, nor am I being very voted, so I need you to support me. so, frankly I put myself down thanks friend. it motivates me ..."

Reply : I am very happy to help you stay motivated here on Steem! I just added you to my voting list.

Translation : "¡Estoy muy feliz de ayudarlo a mantenerse motivado aquí en Steem! Acabo de añadirte a mi lista de votantes."

Can I please suggest @bucksforaging15 ... he is a young user at 15 years old and is keen on Wild crafting and foraging. I really think that we should encourage young users as much as possible as they can get lost in a sea of Adults on the platform..

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I totally agree. I love seeing the youth stay active on such a next-level platform such as Steem. I just added both of you two to my voting list, thanks for the sweet recommendation.
@riverflows @bucksforaging15

Oh, thankyou! Xx I am always trying to get the kids I work with onto Steemit.... the more of them arrive, the more might come! 💚💚💚

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Keep it up!

Hi @daltono You are a generous person, I think this is amazing🍺🍺

I'm happy to share with my family here!

Hello this is a good help for newby like me, I had been trying to creeate a community for cryptocurrency in spanish but is not easy to get the people to upvote your content, don't know what i'm doing wrong.? little help will be appreciated. thank you.

Don't give up. Keep trying.

My recommendation is to look through the #spanish tag. Find users that post similar content to you & interact with them just like you did here on this post with me.

I wish you the best of luck, I don't speak Spanish. Otherwise I may be more help.
If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

I found a new #freewriter on Steemit but he doesn't have enough RC's to post everyday. Here's a snapshot of his current powers. @justusbeing is his name.

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This was a great find. Thanks for sharing this profile. I will be sure to show my support in the future.

Thank you for your kindness and this endeavor. 🙏

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I’m always happy to help & motivate!

@darkflame is a Canadian who hosts a variety of online content from weather reports, tornado warnings, satellite images and even news casts about cryptocurrency. He is the reason I started using steem again in 2017 after I joined in 2016.

https://phil.mydarkflame.net us a landing page he made for me to demonstrate his concept of a portfolio for professional purposes. edit the website is offline atm

That sounds like a fantastic recommendation. I will take a look at the profile and likely end up adding to my voting list. Thanks!

Since I believe in full disclosure I'll let you know he's a personal friend of mine and I also have delegated steem power to him to support his cause as well.

I appreciate the clarity.. I believe that friends know each other best. So it’s totally understandable to recommend him.

I'm recommending @brisby

She posts in the @bananafish Finish the Story contest every week, she's selfless with her delegated SP, and she's all-around awesome! When I first started, I of course had so little SP I had to choose between upvoting, commenting, and posting my own material. I wanted to engage with the community but couldn't. Brisby solved that problem for me by delegating 50(!!!) SP to me, and she's not exactly loaded with SP as it is. That kind of generous spirit deserves recognition!

You're seriously making me blush (which is hard to make a squirrel do)! Thank you for the recommendation and for what you wrote, Michaias! 💙 You've done well on Steemit in such a short span of time and I hope that everything gets even better for you! 🌺 Steem on!

@Daltono, as you can see, this one's a sweetheart and a half. 😸

That sounds like a very generous person. The exact kind of human being id enjoy supporting.
Thanks for taking the time to reccomend her in this comment.

You're kind to request suggestions from the community so that others can reply and/or post suggestions. Thank you for that.

Also, for the compliment:


😂 Aww..you know we squirrels can't resist nuts! Thank you!


Thank you for your input. I just added the both of you to my voting list. @mediawizards @michealclauri

Thank you so much☺

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I appreciate it! I just added you to my voting list.


Just added you to my voting list!

I recommend @izaid. he do's daily tournaments to help the new users who answer correctly.
Dayyan Khan

I love the idea of some competition, especially when it is friendly competition.

Thank you for the support @khan.dayyanz

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People who votes your posts should be the ones to deserve your votes, but hey its just the bots voting your posts.

You have lost your faith in Steem (based on your recent posts.) I'd rather you just not comment instead of spreading your negativity. However it is your choice to do whatever you choose.

Best of wishes to you. Take care.

Muting can be great

Have you thought about joining our voting club? It is full of minnows and would serve your purpose.


Let me know what you think?

This is the first I am hearing of your service. I will be looking more in depth on steem-bounty.com. Thanks for taking the time to share this with me.

I just signed up. I look forward to seeing how this addition will affect my account.

Sneaky-Ninja-Throwing-Coin 125px.jpg
Defended (19.54%)
Summoned by @daltono
Sneaky Ninja supports @youarehope and @tarc with a percentage of all bids.
Everything You Need To Know About Sneaky Ninja


Great. Hope you can include me

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Thank you! I will definitely take a look at your profile when I get the chance. Later tonight or tomorrow.
I appreciate you stopping by :)

This post has received a 17.39 % upvote from @boomerang.

This is a really great projects that you are doing, I am checking out all the people in the list you posted, a great way for me to connect with more people.I am not really qualified to suggest #steemers to you but will keep my eye out anyway and do a post if I come across any new gems. Good luck you really are an asset to the #blockchain.

Thanks! That is the next best thing you could do. All of the people I listed work very hard.

Some great individuals I. That list I am still working my way through. Wow amazing interaction you’ve got on this post, what a job for you, you have done a great job replying to everyone. So dedicated!

This has become quite the list indeed. This post did even better than I had first imagined. I am so thankful for everyone who has taken the time to interact, the least I can do is comment back to every single person.

its a great thing u are doing here @daltono. People do need such motivation, especially newbies like myself. keep up the good work. jst followed u, would appreciate if u follow back. thanks!

Awesome! I will check you out here soon my friend.

Congratulations @daltono!
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I recommend @saltyseagull she is a original new artist here on Steemit. Ocean inspired artwork.

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I too am an artist. I love this recommendation! I will add you both to my list.

I recommend @khan.dayyanz
he has made really a good progress in a short time period. He is really engaging with others to make a good following that's why I recommend him to you. It would really appreciate him to carry on here on steemit.

Thank You for your recommendation. if its not you i wouldn't be here. :)
Dayyan Khan