Steemfest 3.0 in Krakow [November 7-11, 2018]

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Steemfest, the annual conference dedicated to content creation and development on the Steem blockchain, will be held for the third time on November 7-11 this year. A series of presentations by developers, creative professionals, content creators, and the Steemit Inc. team will fill up Nov 8-9 with social activities throughout the 5 days.

Ticket purchasing options and the full line-up of speakers will soon be available on the dedicated website.

Event Name: Steemfest 3.0
Location: Krakow, Poland

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When i read this blog @creativecrypto i really impressed read this. Carry on boss


Welcome my boss @creativecreypto always with you,,

sounds fun! Great video, I want to be there too!


Hello @creativecrypto can I translate some of your publications into Spanish and publish them?

Thanks for the updates @creativecrypto. i wish i could be there, but UGANDA is way too far! But i am glad for the fest. A powerful way to take steemit beyond the computer!

There will be!