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   I have only one week left before disappearing from the face of the earth, at this time I am not worried, I think that if we have everything in order is easier to leave, I will not say goodbye to anyone just disappear, in my country there is a saying that says that "The one who leaves does not need the one who will come" because I have verified that this is true, so life after me is going to continue; then to my mind come crazy things to do, from throwing myself in a paraglider or go on an excursion to the Himalayas, but as I don't have money I'd better stay still at home and enjoy my family, I'm going to cook all those things that they like so much and I'll hug them in every bite and kiss them in every smile.

   I will make love with my husband with the same passion as always, tucked in a hot tub, special essences and accompanied by a glass of red wine, but it has to be in a special place, perhaps a cabin with beautiful trees around it and overlooking a lake and mountains.

   I believe that on the last day I would make a great party, unite all my friends, my cousins, brothers, nephews and would throw the house out the window, with fireworks and more.

   I do not regret anything I did in my life, I think I got on the right train and that's why I've enjoyed every moment, there is no time to repent and to want to accommodate things, this week that remains in this world I just want to enjoy, laugh, dance; every day could be the last day of your life so we have to be prepared to leave, the day we leave we're not going to take anything and on earth we're just going to leave memories, so let's try to make them good.

   Finally I would write a letter to my husband and children telling them how happy I was with them and how grateful I am to God for having been a part of their lives.

Happiness are little moments that come into your life, you choose to keep them or let them pass.


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Beautiful article and photography

This post really grabs me wow :)

Fantastic entry hon!

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I like that

on earth we're just going to leave memories, so let's try to make them good.
Agree - make the most of your days here on earth!
Thanks for sharing!

I want to go to that party :D

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This is a good post, nice sentiments, and hopeful.

You have said it all perfectly, like a beautiful tragedy. Good luck on that contest! Cheers!

A wonderful, heartfelt story! Good luck in the contest!

This is beautiful! Keep enjoying life! 😉👍

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This is truly beautiful, love your joyous spirit :) I too would cook for those I love!

Best way to go if you are prepared, have a great big party and enjoy every minute with people you care about.

Well written and good luck in contest @carolinacardoza lovely photography used to tell the story.

Lovely post. To just leave after having done all that for your family and friends, is a good thing. No tears or crying. In your last days, you thought of others and what you wold do for them, and not yourself.

I think I would do exactly the same. Nice essay.

Very well put here party girl.
Leave the stage with a wild bang!

Very well put here
Party girl. Leave the stage with
A wild bang! Blessings!

                 - papilloncharity

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Happiness is most important in life

That's very nice. The only things we'll leave behind are memories in others, so leaving nice ones is heartwarming.

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