Community Support from @c-squared / @c-cubed for @bananafish @freewritehouse

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Two months ago we announced that @c-squared / @c-cubed was sending 60 Steem to @freewritehouse to help support some of their writing contests. We are very happy to announce that not only are we extending our support to the @freewritehouse community for another two months, but are also sending 50 Steem to the @bananafish community to support higher prize amounts for some of their most popular writing contests.

The contests run by these two writing communities add many high quality posts to the blockchain each and every week, and do a great job of increasing engagement on the platform. They give prompts that inspire authors to write entertaining stories each day. Please go check out both of the communities and all of the amazing authors that take part in their contests.

Here are the links to the current @bananafish contests:

Tell A Story To Me - Big Brother's Got Your Back

Finish The Story Contest - Week #51!

Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku - Edition #27 (English)

Here are some of the recently started @freewritehouse contests:

WE-Write! Partner Up! - 10 SBI in Prizes - 4/4/2019

Steemzuela Ventest Week 7 and Some Announcements

Be sure to check out their blog page for their other contest, including the Weekend Free Write that will be posted today by @mariannewest.

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Congratulations, @bananafish! I really enjoy participating in the weekly #haikucontest...

Great initiative! Thanks, @c-cubed!!!


Thanks to you, Wolffeys, for both your well-wishes and for joining in the fun with us! 😎

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The great Mortipus thanks you for your generous support of our dear banana realms <3<3

1002 shadow.png

Please accept the @Bananafish Tribe's most sincere gratitude for this precious gift! We raise our finest mugs of banana grog to you for the support you've given to the wonderful writers who participate in our contests! !




Well said @brisby! The potassium's power flows strong in your veins! Cheers to @c-squared!


A big thank you to @c-squared for the sponsorship of @freewritehouse, I am a freewriter. Thanks for the recognition. I am also guessing your sponsorship to @bananafish is one of the reasons the contest #Tellastorytome is back; A contest I love to participate in😁. Once again. Thank you and cheers🍻


Hi @wems! The #tellastorytome is back because in the Bananafish hell's kitchen we're strenghtening as a team and evolving to give a whole universe of contests and creative/reward opportunities 🙂 @calluna is now a partner, together with @marcoriccardi, who's curating one of the most successful poetry contests on Steemit. Indeed we're grateful to @c-squared and excited for their endorsement (which represents a confirmation that we're on the right track)! Btw, if you're a writer we're eager to see you in the Bananafish Realms. Cheers!


Ooh.. Apologies for my assumption. Kudos to team behind @bananafish. And, yes I certainly would love to participate in the #tellastorytome. Also thanks for the correction.


Oh, no worries. I Just love to talk about how things happen, we're working hard to improve. Cheers!


Really hope you'll make this latest round <3

Thank you so much for all you do!! the Freewriters are so grateful for your support!!

Thank you @c-cubed & @c-squared for the sponsorship of the @freewritehouse and @bananafish you rock!

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