Hey You! Wanna Be Adopted And Get A Week Of Free Upvotes And Resteems? Details Inside!

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Hey y'all! This is week 12 of my #adoptme project. Last Monday I adopted @sawyn and @maggy7419 today the #adoptme process its open again! I will adopt some planktons or minnows weekly!

So what's this thing about?

Once a week I will pick 2 steemians (plankton or minnow) and I'm going to adopt them. I will upvote at 25%, up to 2 posts per day of my adopted steemians and I will resteem 1 of their post per day for exactly 7 days. This is to help steemians grow in this platform. I would like to see people doing the same, if we all adopt someone we can all grow together!

Once a week I will make a post to pick 2 new steemians. How to get picked? Easy just write in the comments below "ADOPT ME!" You can also nominate people to be adopted, just write their name in the comments.

Now, rules are:


Easy, right? So if you're a plankton or a minnow, post original content and don't fill Steemit with spam crap then you can be adopted! I will check the profiles of all the people who apply and announce the people I adopted in a post every Monday. The steemians will get 7 days of upvotes and resteems! I will use the hashtag #adoptme for the adoption applying post and the adopted steemians post.

You want to help but can't afford to upvote? Then consider to be an uncle/auntie to my adopted steemians!

How to be an uncle/auntie to my adopted steemians?

Easy! Just have to resteem my adopted steemians post for a week, to be precise 1 post of each steemian for 7 days (Monday to Sunday). That way you will help them to get more exposure here in this platform. Wanna be auntie/uncle of the week? Then send me a msg in discord @blacklux#9407 telling me you want to be an auntie or uncle for a week!

Alright, let's do this! Go and write Adopt Me! in the comments below and good luck! If any other person wants to join me in this adoption madness feel free to use the #adoptme hashtag and tag me in your post! Also, resteem this, so all your friends can apply for adoption!


Vote for @qurator as a Witness HERE
Just type qurator in the box!

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I'm till a fan of the initiative! Maybe something for you, @buckaroo, @tryskele, @headchange, @cicisaja?


I put in my request. Thanks so much for thinking of us.


No problem. This would be a logical next step, right?!


You would know much more about logical steps than I.
I am still flopping around in the water just hoping not to drown lol


So far, you seem to be flopping in the right direction, lol. You have to grab every opportunity that comes along. Everything that can help you to grow your account, you have to take a shot at.


Thanks for the heads up @simplymike. Greatly appreciated.


Thanks for suggesting people! 😀


Those were the people I delegated 75sp to for 8 weeks. In order to get them out of the bandwidth error zone - because they had 50sp or less.
They are all very motivated and strong engagers. They did very well for themselves during those 8 weeks, so IMO they deserved some extra upport, @blacklux


Yes.. thank you @simplymike, I've put my request to be adopted😊


Great, @cicisaja. You've got to grab every chance that comes along.

Hi, I just joined Steemit about 5 days ago and my first post I think did well for a newbie like me. I wish you will adopt me because I need your mentoring and the help of others to be very successful here. I am putting in my best and think the encouragement of people like you will definitely give me a great boost. You can please checkout my post introducing myself to see what am about when you have the time. Thanks

hey that's no fair, look at joyrobinson's comment! how could anyone resist that? lol. you've adopted ginnyannette right? I would nominate her.


I adopted her long time ago 😉


ok I figured. good thank you! she's the best but don't tell her I said that. lol.

This is an awesome idea! I'd love to be adopted. I just posted my third #farmpunk contest notification. I'd love to get the word out about it, whether you adopt me or not. I'm looking forward to seeing who you do adopt this week. I'll definitely consider the uncle piece. Sounds very exciting.

I want to be adopted. ☺


Awesome initiative @blacklux
Count me in


Well you sure can adopt me anytime I would be honored. Very nice of you to be helping out the little fish like this. Thanks for the opportunity.

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

HI @blacklux :) Such a great iniative and a great way to keep people active and motiviated.



I would like to choose @crittercrats to be adopted.

I am a plankton III, a minnow wannabe 😊 and I can follow all the rules because I appreciate any helps and love to engage too.

I like this idea a lot - I think we will do it too!!!


Feel free to use the #adoptme hashtag 😀

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I nominate @mariannewest for your adoption plan. The fact that she is still a minnow here and eligible after all she does for this place is a crime. I hope you can support her efforts in any way at all.


Marianne is a sweetheart! The candidates for this week were already picked but I will add her for next week :)