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RE: [ANN] Introducing Dustsweeper. A new service to turn Dust into Profit.

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Glad to see supporters already! Of course will send in my 1 SBD to make the upvotes given to me by newbies count. Some are aware about the 0.02 dust threshold but still want to upvote as a gesture of their appreciation. This wonderful bot will now give value to their upvotes. Thanks you two!


I just tested it on one of your comments. I make all of my upvotes count! lol I'm really glad that Tim happened to mention the threshold problem.

Hey @mysearchisover. Are you testing to see if the dustsweeper will kick in?

My friend PD tries to make her upvotes count too. It's unfortunate that the price of Steem dropped in value so the 0.02 upvote she gave to me a few days back lost value. I tell her not to upvote my comments, but she's just a sweetie.

I make all of my upvotes count but it is frustrating not being able to upvote everyone I want. I don't know why people like you don't upvote themselves more. Oh well I guess I will just take the free money and eventually it is looking like I will be able to have upvotes that will count solo. Technically my upvotes would count if I was at 100% power but like that will ever happen. lol
I am still "scared" though. I'll be watching the upvote I did on one of your older comments.
I wasted at least 1,000 upvotes I think before I learned about the threshold thanks to Tim's post.

By people like me, you mean sweet and charming? Oh maybe just the ones with enough SP to give ourselves a 0.02 upvote value but choose not to self-vote? 😉

I don’t upvote myself because I’m a prissy girl. My mentality may change once my upvotes are worth more, because gosh darn it, I want to see my posts in the spotlight on Trending! A lot of us don’t self vote for many reasons. It’s a personal decision with no right or wrong answers.

We’ve all wasted upvotes before learning of the dust threshold. I had a hard time getting my VP out of the 60-70% range, and then to find out that some of those 0.02 upvotes I gave still did not pay out! In essence, when Steem price plunges, your upvote worth of 0.02 doesn’t mean 0.02. By post payout, that 0.02 could now be 0.017. That’s why I support the dustsweeper. I hate to see a good-hearted gesture go to waste.

I have to upvote my stellar comments :) lol Every 5,504 of them. ;) I usually even promote my awesome comments. Hopefully it will really pay off for myself and this currently "struggling" blockchain in the end.

I have no problem people promoting themselves. I do suggest you be mindful of whose post you decide to upvote yourself to the top. I know @davemccoy doesn’t mind because he’s simply a good guy.

For some others, they do like to select for themselves which comments make it to the top and it’s good to be considerate of others, especially on their posts. Some higher reps may not like the “self-votes” and may choose to flag you. As I said, it’s a personal decision but be mindful too.

Most of us on this page are part of Asher’s league of engagement and not to hoot our own horns, but we all have stellar comments. A lot of us choose not to promote ourselves and if we do, we do it respectfully with someone who doesn’t mind. 🙂

I do try and stay away from Germans now. lol I might try and visit London someday but I will probably try and stay far away from Germany. lol FYI don't try and be helpful and provide translation for English speakers that are coming from a contest written in English. I got hit twice.
So far I've done a pretty good job only following nice people. I do need to be very cautious on this site though. I still plan on being a rebel and using the HEAVILY policed introduceyourself tag when it is my one year of earnings. Hopefully I don't get flagged.

You mean Asher's League of Excellence? Do they like to flag? It sucks I can't comment on haejin's page even though I am interested in bitcoin and GBTC. I got flagged there by Bernie.

You should follow me because I'm an awesome rebel. :) lol

Sounds like you are aware of the consequences since you’ve been hit twice. 😉

Why do you want to use the intro tag if you’re no longer new? Get new followers? I can tell you right now that some of those new followers won’t even pay your post any mind.

Yes, Asher’s LOE. I should have said it correctly, lol, Dave and I ran a contest for the logo for the LOE! I would suggest to be respectful there. Asher won’t flag you for that, but I would give him my respect and not do it there.

As for following people, I don’t even look at everyone I follow. No time to look at my feed most days. I have my favorite authors on gina alert, like @palikari123, I’ve been visiting his blog and only later realized I hadn’t even been following him. 😂

I’m all for the rebels!

I just noticed the same regarding the drop. I had given everyone on one of my posts 0.03 and see that they dropped to 0.02. But, thankfully, I am noticing @dustsweeper all over the place, cleaning up my mess :)

That's awesome! It's vote power is going down though. It's now at 83%.

Awesome @beeyou :)... I figured you'd like to see the votes counted finally... It has been a topic of debate lately and hopefully this will help make people realize that their votes do count :)

A lot of my supporters are newbies so I do appreciate having the capability (via dustsweeper) to place value on their upvote. Now I don't have to continuously tell them to please not upvote my comments! :)

you will still find a way to give it back to them... face it @beeyou, you're a giver :)

I’m a realist too.

Super BeeYOU! You were "customer" nr 4.
For anyone that dislikes cleaning, Dustsweeper would be a dream, and we hope it will do a wonderful job around here as well.

I was going to ask if you can build a dustsweeper for the real world, but we already have those robotic ones. :)

Thanks for working with Dave on this one. It's a great way to give value to the voices of newbies/minnows. I want all my supporters to feel their upvotes are valuable to me, because they are.

Your "robotic" comment reminded me of a story. My friend had one of those roomba thingies, but she also had a big chocolate lab with a delicate intestinal track. Yep! Can you see where this is going yet? Just before leaving for work one day, she put her automatic sweeper in motion and came home to dog diarrhea "swept" all over the house!! I can't make this sh*t up haha Pun intended @beeyou :)

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