Optimistic and Minimal Risk-factor Communication 乐观和底风险因素沟通

in communication •  23 days ago

It is important to inspire people for positive influence. However, how do we communicate is equally important as what we say. If we desire our audience to be more receptive, it is necessary to be positive and with minimal risk factor, although authenticity is inevitable. Let’s elaborate in the following paragraphs.

If we want to invite people to invest money into a business, we have to be authentic or honest. The investment has 80 percent chance of success and 20 percent of failure. It is better to tell them the success rate is 80 percent, rather than 20 percent of failure. It is more likely to get them invested into the business by telling them the success percentage. They are more reluctant to invest, if however, they are told about the 20 percent failure. Although either way of communication essentially gives the same message, the response to the message varies.

The response varies because by telling our audience the failure percentage, they are prompted to think negatively in relation to the failure. Hence, they are alerted and become reluctant to invest into an apparently risky business. However, if the audience have heard about the 80 percent of success, their minds are evoked to think of success. And the implication is that the risk is minimal. Hence, they are inspired and are more prepared to invest into the business.





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Thank you for the encouragement. People move forward more effectively as they are surrounded with encouraging words.

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