How does emotions affect your communication

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In this modern time, a virtual form of life is actively manifested. We are increasingly moving away from each other, replacing live communication with work relationships and virtual communication through social networks. The world is spiritual and we need to participate in all its manifestations.

Man is a living being and he needs live communication and a developed psychoemotional sphere to satisfy the need for emotional contact. Through her, we feel each other and can empathize.


Psychoemotional states and effective communication.Personal social effectiveness largely depends on the ability to build communication relationships. It is impossible to succeed by being completely selfish.

In the process of socialization, we master 6 communicative roles: child, adult, father, mother, female and male. They are expressed in a certain psycho-emotional state. , genetic and biological processes accompanying them. We use these roles automatically and have not learned to manage them. They can be developed and used consciously in your life.

A developed psychoemotional sphere and possession of communicative roles helps us build effective communications. For example in situations at work. When communicating with the boss who is in the communicative role of “father”, you consciously enter the communicative role of “child” and you have the opportunity to hear what is required of you. Otherwise, the dialogue may not take place at all.

In sales, you can play a role if needed “male”, flirting with a customer and successfully selling the product.

During the period of biological activity, by managing the psycho-emotional state and the corresponding communicative role, you can easily build effective communications and find yourself a match .

Art helps to develop the emotional sphere. One of the ways to master communicative roles is poetry. The author, who wrote the poetry, was in a certain psycho-emotional state and empathizing, expressed his position. We can take this into service for the development of communication roles. It is enough to make yourself a selection of 5-7 poems for each role.

You need to understand, learn and learn to speak in public. It is necessary to remember your feelings of psychoemotional state at the bodily level. From now on, this will be the “key”. It is enough to think about it or remember some “key” poem and “enter” this communicative role.

Using poetry, you will develop your emotional sphere, increase your sensitivity, and be able to easily build effective communications.

The communicative role of “child” is the psychoemotional state of the child. Apprentice. This is valuelessness. When you need to assimilate new information or maintain a dialogue not on an equal footing.


An example for mastering the state of the communicative role "adult".
An excerpt from the poem "Evening". Ivan Bunin

We always only remember about happiness.
And happiness is everywhere. Maybe it is -
This autumn garden behind the barn
And clean air pouring through the window.
In the bottomless sky, a light white edge
Rises, a cloud shines. I
've been following him for a long time ... We see little, we know
And happiness is given only to those who know.

The communicative role “adult” is the psychoemotional state of a person wise by experience. “Mature” in the spiritual and philosophical sense, having a civil position.
In the dialogue, adults participate on an equal footing, or one of them acts as a mentor, teacher.