Announcing the Delegation Committee

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Hello Steemians, last week we announced our new Delegation Application Process. As we disclosed in that announcement, one of the exciting changes included with this new process is that it will be overseen by an independent committee. We are now excited to announce the members of this committee.

The Goal

Before we get to the committee members we want to go into a little more detail about the thought process behind their appointment. Our goal with these changes is to make the process of delegating our stake more decentralized, transparent, and fair. But we also want to make sure that the process is fast and efficient. That’s why we’ve decided to appoint committee members that we believe already have the trust of the community because they have demonstrated long-term commitment to the Steem blockchain.

These are community members who have not been afraid to speak truth to power, while always remaining a force for progress by facilitating consensus. We also did our best to select a Committee with a diverse set of skills, including (but not limited to) real-world business experience, marketing talent, and development expertise.


The Committee will be tasked with delivering a list of account names and delegation tiers to Steemit, Inc., which will then distribute the delegations according to the determination of the Committee. Steemit will, ideally, not exert any influence over the Committee. But this is our Steem Power, and as such, we do reserve the right to reject a recommendation made by the Committee that represents a danger to the Steem blockchain, or to Steemit, Inc.

Just because we intend to defer to the judgment of the Committee members, that does not mean that more people can’t be involved in their decision-making process. The Committee is free to involve anyone they like in this process as long as the goal remains to distribute delegations in a way that both stimulates economic growth while maintaining the confidence of the community.

With that being said, we would like to introduce you to the members of the Committee.



aggroed modded.jpg

Dr. Blair “aggroed” Reich is a PhD chemist out of Texas A&M University who spent 10 years working for startups and giant conglomerates leading sales initiatives to committees of chemistry academics who were making software curriculum choices for their courses.

He co-founded and organizes the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network discord group, MSP-Waves, Steem Monsters (a blockchain based digital trading card game) and leads the sales and marketing efforts of the game. With ~2200 daily active players it’s one of the most popular crypto games on the market with the most active NFT marketplace in the world. The game accounts for just under 20% of total on-chain activity for the Steem blockchain, and has grown to nearly $2.5 million in market capitalization after 1 year in business.

He co-founded and leads, a platform for creating communities and trading assets on the Steem blockchain. It has lead to millions of Steem being powered up, 20 different “tribes” forming, and ranges from thousands to over a hundred thousand dollars in volume in any given day. The base trading pair is STEEM, which brings additional utility to it, and the exchange currently has over 600,000 liquid STEEM held by traders.

Aggroed is a consensus witness on the Steem blockchain and focuses on community development, spreading STEEM into new hands, and keeping people engaged on the blockchain.


Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.01.11 AM.png

Matt Starkey is a chartered mechanical engineer (CEng) and project manager, he has lived and worked all over the world managing multi-billion dollar industrial projects. Matt became a blockchain and cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast in April 2013. Having made successful investments in blockchain and the cryptocurrency markets, Matt has a multitude of positive and cautionary experiences that will help inform his decision-making process as a Committee member.

Matt has applied blockchain technology with his partners to set up several start up platforms:

  • Andre Gray’s Football Academy – a transparent charitable giving model for young aspiring footballers in disadvantaged countries backed by the Premiership football player Andre Gray of Watford Football Club
  • Oracle-D a blockchain backed content creation platform with over 300 professional authors and content creators
  • DCORE a community investment platform working in partnership with hedge fund KMG Capital which hosts 100’s of analysts to review financial assets with starting capital of $10M
  • 3Speak a video and content platform that advocates free speech and uses a mechanism which combines several blockchains to store and monetise marginalised content creator's content.
  • Promo-Steem: the world's first decentralized promotional network


Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 10.23.49 AM.png

@eonwarped is a full-stack developer with five years of experience, working full-time for a large tech company. There he does mostly backend software development, spanning many components in a large, latency-sensitive system. Prior to that, he completed a mathematics PhD at New York University.

He has contributed to projects such as TokenBB, Steemit Condenser UI, and Steem Keychain. He also develops and runs the Steem Engine Nitrous Custom UI for 20 different tokens/tribes. He has written various technical posts concerning the inner workings of the Steem blockchain including posts about SBD mechanics and the voting system. He is also actively helping to test Hardfork 21 by offering a testnet condenser/wallet pair that is running on-demand which makes it easier for anyone to test the hardfork.

Only the Beginning

This is still only the beginning of the process of developing a better system for allocating Steemit, Inc.’s delegated Steem Power. Now that we have selected a Committee, we want to empower these people to develop their own system for determining what projects deserve delegations and how big those delegations should be.

We believe that the top priorities should be speed (coming to a consensus on how delegations should be redistributed as soon as possible) and transparency (ensuring that Steem stakeholders feel informed about the process). But again, we will not influence the Committee, so the decision-making process will ultimately be up to them.

The Steemit Team

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Only 3 people ? LOL

@starkerz, one of the poorest choices out of all. He already syphoned a ton from SteemIt inc, for absolutely 0 results. He's the type of person thinking only about money. I met him once in SF3 and understood that quite quickly. His only project is 3Speak, which was actually built by his slaves, and is a copy of DTube except it uses Amazon for hosting, and you need to be a popular guy to be able to upload. He used delegation to pay people who built his projects via upvotes, syphoning the reward pool on a daily basis. Out of all the currently delegated projects, he clearly sits near the bottom of the good/bad gauge, like fundition/drugwars for me. There's clearly a huge conflict of interest issue with 3Speak/DTube here and if he's in the committee, I'd like to be as well.

While I would be ok with the two others, putting them together is a bit retarded because it creates a massive conflict of interest considering they both work for What would stop them from forcing any new project to make a steem-engine token and pay ENG fees? Nothing. Huge conflict of interest. Pick one of the two. Giving 2/3 of the committee to steem-engine team seems completely moronic to me, unless it's completely intentional and a direct result of corruption.

This smells super bad for STEEM to me. I doubt I'm the only one.

Hmm. I usually dont take to this kind of character attacks and in this case its the same. I see the work of @starkerz being more effective in a bull market then where wer at right now and i think that applies to @oracle-d more then the rest.

But you did raise some interesting points about 3speak.
Im someone that will support the efforts by Dan since hes the only whale here at the momment that sees the big picture.
That being said the fact that Dtube exists and is slowly morphing into much more then a youtube clone + steem upvotes, the existance of 3speak that not only is NOT censorship resistant beyond their word, but is a direct rival to dtube with their project leader in the delegation team without a dtube representative, raises concerns.

The problem i see you having is that you have been very critical of steemit and you create an appearance that youre hard to work with. Folks like me might not mind because im very similar but would mind.

Still... Having you or @nannal in the deleg team would be a must imo.


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3speak is not censorship-resistant. Not more than DTube, and actually way less. DTube has support for IPFS videos which means you can get your thing hosted wherever you want and it'll keep loading on our player.

Just put some really bad stuff (lets say the terrorist shootings from australia) on 3speak, publicly viewable. Then I will make sure it gets taken down even if I do not own 3speak. Proof by example. Wanna try?

I refuse lies, that's probably why I'm hard to work with. Whenever you say bullshit, I will smell it and call it out loud. Pragmatic people will enjoy it, the victims of it (the manipulators) will hate me forever for it.

DTube is a chaotic project acting for good. We aren't making long presentations about our future plans or what will release in 2 years. We are hard to predict and even change our minds often about the plan to follow. We mostly spend our limited time on getting things done rather than bla bla bla and lies all the time. But it is possible to work with us. I'm not the sole person working for @dtube and we have some staff with better communication abilities than me.

3speak and dlive getting a big delegation from steemit has always been hard to accept for me. That means we could go twice as far if we combined the funds, instead of doing the same lap twice and creating stupid steem-internal competition. This arbitrary committee is basically going one step further, giving an advantage to 3speak. If a platform is to get the combined funds to focus on video now, it will be them. It will make it twice harder to work with me now considering I'm not a cold-blooded person :)

I tend to agree that a member of dtube on this committee would be a smart move. Perhaps not the Hemster 😂 as he is better barking his bullshit radar from the side.
Though i think many that have been in the steemit community for any length of time have a lot of faith in Dtube and the motivations that drive them.
It does seem that 5 or 7 core committee members would bring more fairness to the process. Obviously more people can slow things down, but if its the right people.... not necesarily.

Yeah. Nannal is the more compossed and quiet of the two. I think their oppinions pretty much match but he might be a better choice.

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Satoshi never sold his stake. Steemit Inc continues to sell while dangling the powered up incentive to keep the community in line. But how long will that last? I would like to see a governance system built for this purpose (delegation ofnsteemit Inc state) and for the development of the repos. Enabling parties that are invested, to have a say enables democratic governance and a bright future for the blockchains that adopt this mindset.

Does Satoshi even hold the keys to the wallets? Or are they virtually burnt? We do not even know.

Steemit Inc has always been pretty bad when it comes to making any actual decisions. I'd also give my support for heimindanger. He says like it is, and we need hard truth here since sweet lies have gotten us to this point.

Great team!
We ve got a business guy, a community guy and a tech guy, who all did a lot for this blockchain.
Regarding the conflict of interest:

  • It's hard to put users that are invested in this blockchain enough to deserve this position, without having a possibility of conflict of interest.
  • Who in his right mind would have refused the SM delegation anyways?
  • At the end of the day, it's Steemit's stake and their choice, I just happen to think it was a good one.

The vote for each proposal should be transparent, with comments as of why a given proposal has been accepted / rejected.

Amen, and I am very grateful to see other people supporting aggroed when I see some TERRIBLE things said about him on this thread by some very jelous people, attacks on him and his family, people calling him a flat earther and slandering his good name with imaginary subway conversations.... Those shril voice shrieking in jealousy are 100% envious that they are not getting any free delegation.

All of the people hating steemit inc, they have no unity and will retreat to their own projects, mad about capitalism... i feel like the ideological struggle is here on steem and its because the election is moving in... well lets just hope steem doesnt turn into golos with all the pretend "sharing" and that we can remind steemians that they are all capitalists at heart. When the price is going up everyone is a capitalist or one in training :D And when the price is low, the users all squabble and talk about ways to overthrow the evil factory owners Steemit inc.... so a strike is organized, but @elipowell calls a negotiation with labor @aggroed and now the workers are unhappy because they think Snowball has become just like the farmers :D But in reality this is less like Animal Farm and more like Lord of the Flies


So, being part of @steemalliance, driving force behind Steem Engine, and part of STINC's delegation committee?

I think we lost the decentralized part somewhere. Not that it was to begin with, but dang this seems like a step backwards.

I am slightly concerned about potential conflicts of interest considering he is part owner of Steem Monsters which has also submitted an application.

Personally, I don't think any user whose is also an applicant should be on the committee so there will not be even so much as a hint of impropriety in the process.

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I agree that no one acting as a representative for this program should be allowed to have ownership in projects receiving benefits from the program. That is just a logical rule.

self-voted to counteract downvotes that might reduce visibility.


Nothing ingenious about selecting representatives to line their own pockets first. Anybody without a high school diploma can do it.

Not saying they should not be paid, as long as they keep their hands off the delegations they are directed to allocate.

100% agree on conflict of interest here.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I think it is okay for anyone to be on the committee, and you don't generally want people who are uninvolved and uninformed, but they should step aside on any specific cases when their own application (or a directly competing application) is being considered.

For that reason and others it is probably best to have a slightly larger committee.

Steemit INC is a centralized business and their stake is theirs. The fact they are gathering people from the community to help delegate it I think is a step in the right direction.

It's called conflict of interest regardless of how you try to sugarcoat it

It’s true what you say, but let’s face it @aggroed has proven to make profitable moves and sting can’t seem to do much without him

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and water is not wet.

Well, if they don't want to keep their promise not to use the ninjamine to vote with, it's just one more tall one from stinc.

If they cared about the community they wouldn't use that stake to ensure that only the echo chamber gets rewarded.

I was thinking the same. The reason why we have a delegation application process in the first place could be because of these good men, of course with Steemit Inc.'s support and approval. The good part is that these folks have not been a part of Steemit core team but the community members who stand out due to their kickass work.

Also, conflict of interest arise when @aggored was chosen as the only committee member. There are other two folks as well, damn good at what they do. From different backgrounds with different projects, they will have a say as well in the delegation process. And then Steemit Inc., will(read "have to") ensure the process to be transparent and corruption free without influencing their decision. [They have mentioned this in the blog].

I think we should give all of them a chance to prove themselves as a team now. The crazy part is that things are moving forward.

#NewSteem Next Stop? Phobos!

Steemit INC is a centralized business and their stake is theirs.

I understand that part. I was merely pointing out the slight conflict of interest. @aggroed has contributed a lot to our ecosystem, no doubt about it.

It just seems odd to have him participate in the figurative executive, legislative, and judicial branch all at the same time.

I'm sure we will be fine, though. This place needs strong leaders to lead it out of the bear.

Aggroed is just a beast TBH. He steps up and takes on responsibly like a champion. Hats off to him.

You’re goddamn oblivious. That has become clear.

I can no longer tell the difference between that, willful ignorance, or he's been invited into the STINC inner circle.

Yes, let's place more conspiracy nuts into power positions. What a great idea.

Oh, Christ...he's a conspiracy nut too? Like a flat-earther, or just a run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorist?

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Good grief.

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I mean, OK. He's in the legislative branch. True. Now he's in the judicial. Also true. Executive, not really. However, do you have anyone else you think would be a better fit? He or she must possess the following attributes:

  1. have contributed largely to the ecosystem on steem in a positive and sustainable way
  2. have contributed largely to the social aspect on steem in a positive and sustainable way
  3. have invested their own time/money/resources/efforts/ideas to the growth of the blockchain, with measurable results
  4. have some exceptional ability to understand the genius it requires to succeed on here, enough to actually succeed on here.

Is there politics here? Meh. Sure. There ALWAYS IS! But I'm telling you, I'd rather have him deciding who gets what for the mere fact that he knows what looks like it will work and what won't. We're not here to waste resources. I don't think this is a bad decision. But I guess we'll find out, won't we?

How about you try and give me other names. And we'll debate it.

I guess by your criteria, not even the people who were in the Working Groups of the Foundation would qualify.

But, that's besides the point. Like you said, we wait and see.

I don't know who was in the working groups, and I'm sure they qualify more than anyone else. But I do think the criteria above can't hurt. I think if you're going to be going around delegating buttloads of SP, you oughta have at least some business acumen, and something to show for your dedication and personal investment.

In this case, sunk cost is a motivator....bias or not.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I totally agree with you. And maybe it's just difficult to find people who are eligible for the position and not being involved in major Steem projects.

I think so too, also i think the guys will make a great job, because there stay in puplic and nobody want drama :)

Yeah i have actually interacted with and gotten organic upvotes from all 3 of these users and recognized all 3 of these names as TRUE steemians who I recognize as being active in the trenches, more so than myself. I feel like @aggroed deserves to get delegation for his project because it will employ so many people, and if he has to be on the committee to get that passed, its not a freakin conflict oif interests, what is this the government? This is steem and its about time community leaders are recognized, so lets applaud steemit inc's new Executive @elipowell for creating the space to allow for a delegation committee to give aggroed some credit in an official steemit inc position..... because he represents the interests of many steemians, and is a sort of Elon Musk character with his hands in many successful projects. If we just had 10 more @aggroed 's each withtheir own unique steem dapp or game as big as steem monsters, steem engine, SCOT communities, each one a separate innovation and accomplishment...

I appreciate all of the concerns but Steemit inc cant afford to NOT have aggroed AND why shouldn't steem monsters get delegation?!

Seriously now.. think about this ... what conflict of interest is there really but your own conflict with the interests of steem and steemit inc being able to bless a successful dapp like steemmonsters with delegation otherwise going toi some other project... but with steemmonsters we could onboard and reward and Afford SO MUCH more...

conflicts of interest happen if aggroed could reward himself here, and he wont be able to. So yeah sorry, it would be a conflict of interest if he was able to fund his own projects but he wont be able to do this is all just a bunch of nitpicking from jelous people

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I'm honestly not sure what it is you do aside from crazy rants on various social platforms about conspiracies and steem

. I feel like @aggroed deserves to get delegation for his project because it will employ so many people, and if he has to be on the comittee to get that passed, its not a freakin conflict oif interests, what is this the government

It might be a conflict of interest you are fine with, but it is a conflict of interest by definition.

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You’re nothing but a fanboy shill.

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And aggroed is not allowed to gift his own projects, obviously, so just no, sorry , not a conflict of interest

Free delegation to one's own project is certainly a personal benefit. Denying said delegation to a directly competing project would also be a personal benefit. Read the definition again, it doesn't say anything about gifting.

no one left to fill the positions

Nowhere did I say people should be excluded from the positions, only that they should decline to take part in specific decision where there is a direct conflict. This is easy to do and not disruptive as long as there is a slightly larger committee or alternates.

Practically every decision making body in the world uses this procedure.

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Its a catch 22! under your scenarios @aggroed can't help but do something wrong!

Nope, just step aside in specific case if a direct conflict exists. Not catch 22 at all. Easy.

all the existing governments on earth, yeah great idea

I said nearly every decision making body. That's more than governments, it is also company boards, clubs, charities, etc.

Really this concept is basic and I don't know why you are getting yourself so worked up or confused over it.

I do know that your comments aren't adding value so I'm going to go ahead and make a little downvote to offset your undeserved self-upvote.

I agree. In fact, I've been WAITING for them to take the leap. Is it going to be perfect? No. Will the priority be to increase the value and usership of steem?


Will it primarily be designed to benefit steemit inc?


Is that a bad thing?

Nope. Not as long as the people who get the delegation are legitimately bringing in the bacon, making it a stronger place, and working toward making this platform a household name. I couldn't care LESS who gets the delegation, as long as their goal is to positively affect our growth with DAPPS and projects that bless and help others besides just us!

That delegation comes out of your share and my share.
You sure you want to advocate taking from the disfavored to benefit the favored?

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Then, if that was enforced, why would anybody play this game?

Stinc already dosn't use the majority of the ninjamine against us.
That we get a share at all is because they let crumbs fall from the table.

It is them that benefits most by feeding the minnows.
Keeping the price low makes acquiring stake cheaper.
The less they take the more users we get.
If ned keeps it all for himself, nobody will want any.
Btc's price is zero, if all the coins are in satoshi's wallet.

If your friends are driving off a cliff do you sit idly by while they take you over with them?


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lol they never really cared about decentralization, boy!

dont believe what people tell ya. next step would be voluntarily paying compulsory levy..


I thought we already do? lol

Yeah. That's the joke.

Thats why I wrote wait

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There was never the ,,decentralized part'' in this story.
It's just a buzz word.

And you are correct.

It's not a bad thing really. I think most of us care more about this place being successful than decentralized.

For me decentralization would be success.

Money is not everything.

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

einfach zurrück lehnen. Es wird bald richtig dumme Gesichter geben :)

PS. people here dont get the point of what they call "decentralization". Centralization brings efficiency but introduces fragility to a system: a brain is highly efficient but a small aneurysm can destroy the integrity of the system and kill the organism within a few seconds. Centralization only works when its generated by an evolutionary algorithm. When you force an entity into a centralized role (like in a "Putsch") the system dies shortly after. This is why dictatorships fail.

A dPOS System or a DAO can only exist in a decentralized fashion ... by definition. You either can have a heavy centralized and efficient but fragile system or you have a maximum redundant DAO which is by design platform grade censorship-resistant and tamper-resistant but really resilient and inefficient OR you have BULLSHIT

Crypto-illiteracy and stupidity. PPS. we should shut the fuck up we are not business-minded and dumb kids :3


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Keep dreaming.

I will. One of the last few..

All you others just do what u're told?

offtopic: do you have an oldtimer, or is it just ur name?

Just a steem name.

Hmm ok :/

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Well, you can have your decentralized among the few thousand of you (who really care and would stay JUST for the decentralized aspect, itself). I'd rather have slightly less centralized than what's out there (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) with many millions of active users.

Decentralization for decentralization's sake simply isn't an attractive enough proposition to bring longevity (success) to this, or any, platform, IF by "success" we aim to include anything beyond one percent of one percent of once percent of potential users (at the order of merely thousands of active users).

I'm not in the "more the merrier" camp by any means, but there's a line where you're simply irrelevant as a "get the word out there" platform, and it's WELL ABOVE the 4~8 thousand active user level. It's probably more around the million to 10 million active users, on the low end, 100 million just to be safe.

Maybe, maybe not. But, at least this way, business-minded people like me and you can actually throw something together that has a fighting chance in this god-forsaken world of upvotes.

Maybe it's nothing more than a symbiotic relationship. But I'll tell you what. Why don't you go find another place anywhere else in the world where you can get this kind of delegated support to charge up your own business, without having to do a credit check, offer a collateral, and give over your first born child just to get ahead?

Delegation will go to those who have a plan to grow the blockchain from outside in. Tell me how that is NOT decentralized.

Delegations will go to the chosen ones.
When you'll find one from outside the USA, please let me know.

100% agree. It's bullshit.

To have proper governance we need to have a conversation about who controls the repos. That's why btc chainsplit and Steem is not immune . It has lost some "steem" obviously , users left for other chains because they felt their voice wasn't heard.(many dpos forks exist now) Let people debate and have a voice and this chain can/will change the world . It's the best data chain I know of, we only need more nodes and liquidity. Without decentralization and liquiditiy, the best technology in our field means nothing to the future investors .

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Since @aggroed is one of the few top20 witnesses without a vote from @freedom, I would say he is the people’s candidate. Sure he has conflicts of interest, but anyone who would be an acceptable candidate will as well. If the platform succeeds, he is a very wealthy man and that will make us all very happy. A rising tide lifts all boats.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

only top20 witness without a vote from @freedom

Not even close to accurate

Yeah, here's the problem with these conflicts...

With the Steem Alliance, he's sitting on the board (if I'm not mistaken) and will presumably have rather large influence over foundation proceedings, procedures, and any kind of committee selections they make there (if any). Of course this is assuming that this foundation actually goes anywhere. As more time passes, it looks like this will probably be defunct soon, or rendered pretty much irrelevant.

As a committee member for this STINC delegation, he will be charged with approving or disapproving support for businesses and/or development and marketing projects that may very well compete with his own - or he will be charged with approving or disapproving support for those businesses and projects that directly and positively impact his own projects/community.

As the owner of Steem Engine, he has many different token owners, communities, and developers that will likely be submitting delegation and funding requests from both the foundation (if it becomes a thing) and STINC's delegation program. Any funding or delegation for these tokens/communities/developers will very likely directly and indirectly benefit him financially.

Sure, aggroed (actually, his developers) get some stuff done (whether it has made a difference in adoption or value is certainly debatable), but there's absolutely no reason why he ought to be on this delegation committee. Can STINC really not find a third person to take that spot instead? Were there only three potential candidates? If so, we're worse off than I had originally thought.

Who, excluding yourself, would you have liked to see in this position then?
It seems rather unlikely to me that there'll be many with a proven record on Steem that has not already built or run something which could have a conflict of interest.

You seem to think that every user on Steem is somehow involved in businesses or projects that would conflict with vetting people and making decisions about delegations. I can tell you that most users have no such roles in businesses and projects. And as @jamesbrown said - there is a much larger ocean outside of this tiny Steem puddle.

But more to the point...

Why must we have Aggroed and somebody who does work for Aggroed (Eonwarped) on this committee, given the many conflicts that Aggroed himself has in all of this? Why must we have Starkerz on this committee, given his role in at least four projects on Steem (Oracle-D, Promo-Steem, 3Speak, and the SBA through his role with Oracle-D) - which I assume would be seeking delegations, as at least one of them I know has received delegation from STINC already?

Two of the three committee members have major conflicts of interest and one has a conflict through his work with one of them. And all three, as far as I can tell, have pretty much zero relevant business/social media experience when it comes to vetting viable projects for this blockchain. That's the underlying issue. The conflicts of interest just make this much, much worse.

Why are we getting the ninjamine used against us?
I thought this was settled years ago.
Stinc doesn't use the ninjamine to vote.
Has that policy been changed?
It would be inline with maximizing stinc shareholder take.

STINC is under new management. And they apparently want to make Steem suck even worse than it has under previous management.

Lol, of course they do, these are all features, not bugs.
Will they ever learn?

Isn't this post about Steemit stake being used to vote? SteemIt isn't voting manually but their stake, the Ninja mined stake, is being used to vote.

So yes, the policy has apparently changed.

Not much we can do about that but wait for them to dump?
Golos, here we come!
Same folks ruining them, ruining us.

All hail, stinc!

There's a big world outside of the Steem blockchain of potential "recruits" (with their own track-records in related fields) for a governance position. It doesn't have to come from within this small pond.

Then you would have to set aside a budget to pay those people a wage. They wouldn't do it voluntarily.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Even at current prices this is an asset worth many millions of dollars that is being managed. A budget is not unreasonable.

Of course. If public image is of any importance to Steemit, side stepping situations such as we find here with @aggroed (conflict of interest) should be a high priority, IMO.

It all boils down to a very simple question: is more money gained/ lost in the long-run (all things considered) by hiring on someone from the inside with a blatantly obvious conflict of interest or from the outside, in someone who requires an additional wage (but is also likely more qualified for the position, as he/she is chosen from a pool that consists of billions of people compared to the few thousand that exist on chain, and doesn't come along with the COI label)?

My guess is that investor confidence in Steem is not high at the moment (feel free to guess why I've come to that assessment). I also guess that it'll not grow from Steemit's decision here, but I could be wrong. Time (money) will tell.

Everything to improve is well received, we are at a time where only the union of members and teamwork will make a difference, this committee has done an excellent job, I know that Matt @starkerz is a competent, professional person, and with a lot of talent and wonderful ideas that add value to this blockchain, we hope to see good results and that the true purpose of this platform is evaluated, if what we do does not bless the life of a community and leaves a legacy in the world, It's no use. We have organized communities that are doing social impact work that must be valued now.


@steemchurch representative

Considering that delegations are going to further dilute everyone else's vote, we need to be very judicious about any and all delegations. Plus, could we get some people in here with no conflicts of interest please? Nothing personal, they seem like decent candidates, but a conflict of interest should make them ineligible.

I would just like to take this moment to say that if @eonwarped can’t improve a situation, then it just isn’t possible. He helps me so much, pretty much DAILY! Excellent little list of wizards here. Cheers all around!


lol. I think the steem ecosystem demands some kinda other care than you..

All you want to do is complain.

Lol. Never called you names or anything similar.

I just think, imho, that ur subjective experience about a person has no correlation to his knowledge and skills in another topic.

Have a good night.

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Ahh, well that’s not what you said is it? Anyway.. I apologize for being rude.. (deleted that) I had a bad day and that was misplaced frustration on my part. Have a good night as well.

Aww isn't that nice.

I agree... @eonwarped is a good dude and i believe he is a good choice for this committee!

This is really awesome to see. All three of these people ABSOLUTELY deserve to be there and it was a great move for Steemit to pic people from the community that have proven track records of adding value to this chain.

Please feel free to ignore all the haters. You guys are renewing my faith in Steemit.

Thanks! We appreciate it!

Seriously? That is the one comment that you’ve acknowledged and replied to?

He only responds to echos.


You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Even though it is a bit weird that someone applying for a delegation is in the delegation committee as well, I think we’re moving forward.

Good to see you started moving fast on your promises. Hope committee would also make quick assessments and announce their decisions.

Den Bock zum Gärtner machen.

To let the dog watch the sausage.

Pretty solid team you have chosen there. Some of the best people on the blockchain with proven track records of helping out the system. Good call.

me choices. I respect these men on Steem blockchain. They have proven capacity and integrity for this. Congratulations @Aggroed @eonwarped and @Starkerz. We all look up to you three for developing Steem projects and communities.

So two techies and a college chemist are deciding on business/finances and social media influence?

Makes perfect sense to me. What a diverse and knowledgable “committee.”

And since this wasn’t answered from the last post...

How much total STEEM will be available from Steemit, Inc. accounts for this delegation program?

I work with Matt & can personally vouch for his work ethic and a keen eye to details. As the post says, he has managed multi-billion dollar projects, so he is overkill when talking about managing the delegation of millions of dollars in Steem.
The reputation for Aggroed speaks for itself & Eonwarped is very highly trusted & respected in the Steem community. I think it is a great starting lineup.

I have no problem with @eonwarped and told him as much myself.

The other two? They already have too many entanglements with other Steem projects and I see no need for them to be on a three-person committee.

And I'm sorry...I'm not impressed with these resumes. I have no idea who Matt is and what these "billion-dollar" projects are. I can only tell you that not many people could accurately explain what Oracle-D is or does and 3speak has been quite messy so far. The Steem Business Alliance is pretty much unknown and hasn't really done much to date either. So based on his Steem "success," we don't have much to go on to judge his "keen eye" and to gauge his achievements.

If these guys are on a larger committee, then that's great. But a three-person committee to decide on the future membership of the committee and doling out delegations? It could have been done much better. And that's a severe understatement.

Did you even read the post?;)

10 years working for startups and giant conglomerates
managing multi-billion dollar industrial projects

And one techie guy :D

“Working for” isn’t exactly managing.

And “managing multi-billion dollar” projects can be claimed by anyone. I’d be interested to know what those projects were and how he “managed” them.

Inflating resumes is easy to do. Did you know that I own a company with $783 million dollars in assets? I’ve also operated two non-profits that have given over half a billion dollars to third-world medical facilities and school programs.

Maybe I should be on a committee too! Where do I apply? :)

Why would they delegate free steem when people can go out and invest, it’s like a free chance at business when it’s not your money at stake

Yeah, I tried making this point when they announced their new delegation plans. Nobody seems to understand how harmful their delegation practices have been, are, and will continue to be.

sorry, your too ugly

😂😂😂 you win steemit today.

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His what is too ugly?!

Baraka is too ugly? Sounds pretty racist to me. :)

lol, i'm amazed anyone votes for you as witness with teeth like that. i mean you look like someone who would eat my children! oh wait i do vote for you haha. Cassie Cage or sub zero maybe:)

If people don’t vote for me, I eat their children. I wish more users around here had children. :(

I voted for him because of his profile pic.

Did you know that I own a company with $783 million dollars in assets?

That's all?

That’s just one company. I own eleventy-six others.

I own all the land and every chicken.

Unhand my cocks sir!

Dixon Cox? Is that you?

I'd vote for that.

I'll also be a canary in the coal mine.

This post looks more like a reputation polishing..^^

Maybe I should be on a committee too! Where do I apply? :)


I have the hunch... that I should be launching myself as a candidate for this committee too. };)

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Here you can find the info you need:

I've met Matt personally and he's given me no reason to think he was embellishing his past work experience (due to copious amounts of details he's added). Of course, I'm just a random guy on the internet, but I'm merely stating my own experiences with Matt. Given that there are other people here who've had similar experiences, I'd say that it's fairly trustworthy to use these opinions as some form of vetting.

I’m sure he’s smart and a nice guy and, as an engineer, has worked with projects where assets and equipment were worth a lot of money. That’s great.

But what does that have to do with identifying and vetting legit startups and other businesses and what does it have to do with or tie into the social media aspects of this platform?

We really don’t need more tech and engineering types making decisions about “winners and losers” around here...which was my original point.

To be fair, aggy has proven himself (at least to me) as very savvy on the social and token economics side.

By "savvy" do you mean "pandering to 'minnows' as a faux populist?"

And by "token economics" do you mean that he created a (questionably legal) centralized shittoken creation service and exchange and offers people Steemit clones?

You must be easily impressed!

amirite? :)

You have been rewarded with some SHIT! Take a trip to the bathroom to stake and manage your worthless tokens.

Here's why it makes sense.

  1. @aggroed has 10 years of start-up experience, with his most recent personal endeavor contributing to 20% of the daily usership on the blockchain, with a net positive contribution to the value of steem. Chemistry? Sure. He's figured out the formula. He could have had Matt build this elsewhere, and chose to do it here.

  2. @aeonwarped - are you kidding me? He and @holger80 wrote the steem engine Nitrous and user interface when it's the closest thing we have to SMT's (which YOU said we were not ready for. But I digress) with a liquid 600,000 steem and counting. Tell me what you don't like about that.

  3. And @starkerz? Inflated resume? takes deep breath....takes another deep breath....counts to ten You know you're pushing if you piss off littlescribe.

So here's my analysis -

a) you're doing it for the ratings
b) you're jealous
c) you need to get laid

I could probably help you with one or two of those, but I'm not going to say which.

And/Or tell me who you would recommend in their place. And I'll tell you if I disagree.

Oh no, I can't take credit for all of the SMT-lookalike. @holger80 deserves most of the credit in that. I manage the front ends that talk to the bot that he set up. But I'll grant that I am an important part of it all too :)

Now that Ats went after everyones CVs i have to ask one question:

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? ...


How many billion dollar projects have you managed Eon? Huh?
Any less then 3 and youre out!

We dont want no million dollar project freeloaders up in here.

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OK. I made the correction. But I guess it doesn't matter cuz I got hid. How can you tell who hid you? Is there any way?

This is the first time I've ever been 'HIDDEN'. I feel like I've reached a whole new level.

Yes, unhide the comment and click the votes count. Ats downvoted.