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How many comments can a shit post get?

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Haha, perhaps in your book... :D

I don't have any problems with people trying to make friends, build some sort of relationship, grow and build an audience or whatever. That's the purpose of social media when you mix it with money. Well, that's the purpose of it, according to me.

However, the social part is basically non-existent, with few exceptions. And even though I love the initiatives of the different curation leagues and whatever we have, it's extremely weird that we are in need of such projects, because all it does, is to get people to use social media like social media should be used.

The trending page is ridiculous and should be moved to the "promoted" category instead. The only thing the trending page does, is to fool new people... And that hurt us when it comes to user retention. People join steemit filled with hopes of luxury and mansions. They publish a post and earn $0,01 and quit. No wonder we have 1.3 million accounts or whatever...

It's really sad to see all the shit, but that's unfortunately the reality of Steemit. People have, and always will lick whale-balls and kiss ass, because that, and buying votes are literally the only way to earn money. I really hope that we'll get a nice fix to it all.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Sad truth.

I'm actually building a frontend that tries to make Steem a bit more social and better by not showing promoted posts at all. Also there's a bit more emphasis on actual vote counts than just the payout values. It's still early but I'm all ears for any ideas and any support is always than welcome. The first alpha build is going up soon!


Awesome. I don't mind promotion, but the idea of customizing front ends for different types of users and wants is exciting! I hope your front end project does really well!


Thank you. Steem can be used in so many ways that we're just barely scratching the surface.