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We celebrate the artist every week. The Best Cover Art Of The Week. 12 awesome covers. CLICK --> @trendingpopcult #comics, #comicbooks, #marvelcomics, #trending, #dc, #dccomics, #newcomics, #ncbd, #newreleases, #comicart, #art, #comicartist #share2steem

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Best Cover Art NEW Comics 3-27-19 - Trending Pop Culture

Every week Trending Pop Culture celebrates the comic artist. Here are the best comic book covers arriving on new comic book day 3/27/19.

Trending Pop Culture

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I love art! Do you think the extreme politicalization of comics has lead to the art being looked past as a constant and pervasive political ideology is being pushed that is driving the core audience away from main stream comics?

Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!