New Comic Book Day Reviews 8/7/19 - Batman, Carnage, Berserk and more!

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00:24 - This Week In Trades
02:51 - Buffy The Vampire Slayer #7
03:50 - The Death Defying Devil #1
05:21 - House of X #2
07:09 - Berserker Unbound #1
09:06 - Batman #76
10:32 - Absolute Carnage #1
13:22 - Die #6

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I see you guys surrounded by all those comic books and I am drooling here. I used to read lots of comics and I had an amazing collection of latinamerican comics by age 8. We were supposed to be poor but with my parents' weekly allowance I could buy 4 and sometimes 6 different comic books every monday (Kaliman, Águila Solitaria, Fuego, Memín, Orión, among others).
As an adult now I can barely afford food, so no money or time for comics, but I see you fliping over so many titles and I can smell those covers.
Consider yourselves lucky.

Thank you!

Hi teamashen,

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

I am not a fan of comics but I have always been interested to know a little about them, it is interesting that people in Steemit can give a review of these :) greetings

Well our Youtube channel is for you. We (for the most part) take the review as a fresh look. We don't go out with the purpose of destroying comics, because we want people to enjoy them. We have trashed them before, but it's usually so bad that we couldn't help it lol.