New Comic Book Day Reviews 10/30/19 - Excalibur, Basket Full of Heads, Harleen and more!

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00:39 - This Week In Trades and Previews
03:23 - Red Goblin: Red Death #1
04:44 - Tales of the Dark Multiverse: Death of Superman #1
05:57 - Excalibur #1
07:28 - Basket Full of Heads #1
08:45 - DCeased #6
09:41 - The Last God #1
11:26 - Harleen #2

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Hello Hello!

Wow ... How interesting your video, I'm not a fan of reading this kind of comics for the simple fact of haha time but it was great to see your point of view

Greetings from Venezuela!

Some of them are great. If you'd want to read some comics, I'd go with small stories, so you get the joy of reading comics, but aren't all time consuming. I would suggest some elsewhere stories from DC like Batman: White Knight, or the recently wrapped up DCeased, or the "Tales of the Dark Multiverse" which are single issue self contained stories and have been great. Some self contained stories would be Batman: The Killing Joke, Blackest Night, Batman:Battle For the Cowl, Marvel's Contagion, or indie titles like Huck (such a great self contained story), Wytches, I Hate Fairyland (20 issues total) or Wayward (30 issues total). Those are some of my favorite small stories

What a wonderful and entertaining are all your videos!! I love your comments and sincerity of all comics. A cordial greeting @teamashen

Thanks for always coming out and watching our videos. It's really appreciated!

The dark multiverse death of superman sounds pretty cool!

@tipu curate

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Thank you!