Comic Book Original Art Collection: “MerMay,” by ARTGERM

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Per my angsty “Failing Mission Artgerm” post from a few weeks back (, I’ve been hell-bent on acquiring my first OA by this modern master. Against all odds.

Yesterday, through a miracle of timing (and having pre-set all of my payment info)... VOILA:


Entitled “MerMay” — mermaids were a global artists’ theme for the month of May — Artgerm displays the full extent of his powers here. Some fun flavor on how it was created:


The man has a hilarious habit of calling his works “rough sketches” and “doodles” on social media, driving fans nuts — he can produce a masterpiece in 10 minutes flat. Give him a whole hour? Michelangelo could’ve used him on the Sistine Chapel.

So in the space of a week I’ve notched two of my greatest comic book OA goals — a McFarlane and an Artgerm. Both my spirit and my wallet feel infinitely lighter. As 90s X-Men cartoon Gambit once said: “Life don’ get much better than dis!”

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It's beautiful. It gives me ElfQuest-flashbacks, which is quite a compliment :)

True this brutha! I want this color sheet 😂

Artgerm again!!! Loool!!!!

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